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Gary Adams DDS Practices at Maryland Holistic Dentist

The holistic and biological dental practice is located in Burtonsville near Silver Spring and Columbia Maryland. Dr. Gary Adams treats patients from all over the Maryland, Virginia and DC Metro area. Some traveling patients come from all over the US and abroad for procedures such as:

  1. Full mouth dental implants
  2. Metal free zirconia implants
  3. IV Sedation for routine and complex dentistry
  4. Safe mercury amalgam filling removal technique

Many people who suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction have worn, broken and missing teeth. Dr. Adams finds joy in his practice in replacing teeth permanently with implants. Many individuals have advanced teeth problems fromTMD/teeth clenching issues. Dr. Adams makes it his mission to treat and correct the underlying cause of TMD. “No one should have to accept tooth loss and a degrading painful dental condition…my job is to not only replace teeth but to also prevent future tooth loss.”  And that is how TMJ treatment, dental implants and sedation dentistry are all connected. Wondering about how Sedation Dentistry is connected? You could have an implant without sedation but who would want to do that? Well, all you really needs is a local anesthetic. Dr. Adams does not require sedation for implants.

Dr. Adams practices IV Sedation Dentistry, is an accredited member of the IAOMT and an expert in the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. Dr. Adams understands the impact dentistry has on overall health and therefore uses materials that are as safe and as biocompatible as possible for his patients. Dr. Adams uses metal-free restorations only including zirconia crowns and porcelain filling materials. “Every material placed into the mouth has an impact on our system,” says Dr. Adams…”We should select the one with the smallest and safest impact possible.”  “Many of our patients do not know we are a holistic dental practice,” and they do not need to know. “My job is to restore dental health” and do so in a manner that will improve overall health.”

Gary Adams DDS received his undergraduate degree from The University of Virginia in biochemistry.  Dr. Adams was in the “distinguished majors” program where he did research in the areas of NeuroBiology and Molecular Pharmacology. Dr. Adams received his Doctoral of Dental Surgery degree from The University of Maryland Dental School in 2000. Dr. Adams completed a clerkship in treating Medically Compromised and Special Needs also at The University of Maryland Dental School concurrent with his last 2 years of Dental School. Dr. Adams completed a dental anesthesiology residency at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA where he learned how to sedate patients using IV sedation dentistry. Gary Adams DDS has also trained at the Dawson Academy which is a an advanced educational facility focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ/TMD problems, cosmetic dentistry, clenching and grinding problems, and teeth wear problems. Dr. Adams also has completed a certification course for treating orthodontic and orthognathic problems with appliances including the ALF and DNA Appliances. Such treatments have been shown to be very effective in treating sleep apnea, airway, and TMJ/TMD problems. Intact, Dr. Adams has learned that there is a major link between TMJ, sleep apnea, and the airway. These later treatments are a major specialty area of the practice.

To date Dr. Gary Adams has placed and/or restored over 3000 successful implants. Many of these implants over the past few years have been zirconia ceramic dental implants.

Dr. Adams has been practicing dentistry since 1999 and is a former co-founder of Natural Dentist Associates located in the city of Rockville, Maryland.

All on 4 tooth benefits & comparison include:

  1. Less healing time than other full mouth permanent implant options such as a full mouth of individual implants and bridges.
  2. Less expensive than a full mouth of permanent individual implants
  3. Is fixed/permanent and not removable like implant supported dentures
  4. Fewer Implants and less expensive than other full mouth implant options
  5. Less PRF and bone grafting and oral surgery than many other implant options
  6. requires less bone to be present for permanent implant teeth.
  7. All on four is the best option for people looking to upgrade from a removable denture to permanent implant teeth.
  8. Faster healing and recovery time than other full implant options due to less surgery.
  9. Prevents bone loss and facial tissue loss as compared to implant dentures and conventional dentures
  10. Provides permanent tooth replacement that functions similarly to natural teeth. No more denture glue, aka fixadent denture adhesive. Eating corn, apples and ribs are no longer a problem.
  11. All on 4 permanent implant bridges never get cavities, decay, need root canals.

Implants have many benefits, but All on 4 dental implant problems exist and the reviews are not all good. The outcome for people getting complete implants, really depends on setting an appropriate expectation and the skill of the implant specialist and the dentist and lab doing the case. Clear Choice dental implants has made all on four very popular. The biggest advantage for our practice vs Clear Choice is Dr. Adams will complete your entire case. With one implant expert doing your case there is no opportunity for any miscommunication or transitional mistakes.

Note: Progression of Bone loss when teeth are removed and not replaced. Bone loss is prevented when implants are placed as in cases of All on 4 dental implants. Platelet Rich Fibrin and PRF in implants have made dental implants heal better and faster.

How do All on four Implants Work?

The process of receiving All on four involves evaluation, treatment and healing. Dr Adams will start by providing a no cost consultation to learn about your expectations and needs. We will then perform a complete evaluation including a 3D xray or CBCT scan of the structure of your jaws. The next step involves placing four to six dental implants for the best possible results. Proper placement of these implants is crucial. Unlike other options, All on 4 can work in areas where bone loss has occurred, making it a more ideal option for those who have suffered from ill-fitting dentures. All on four is ideal for patients who cannot tolerate removable dentures and need permanent implant dentures or implant bridges that stay in the mouth.

Once the implants are placed, a custom-crafted, beautiful full set of implant brides are secured using the four to six implants as support. All on 4 permanent implants cannot be removed by the patient and rarely if ever need to be removed. This means you can eat and sleep with your new teeth, just as you would with natural teeth. There will be no need for denture soaking or glue.

All on 4 implants cost? How much is All on 4?

all on 4 dental implants cost

Zirconia Complete Implant Teeth

How much is All on 4 cost? Basically, the all on four dentist needs to remove all the remaining teeth, perform gum clean-up/smoothing called “alveloplasty”, do some bone grafting, place several dental implants, make same day teeth. The teeth are made of acrylic or zirconia. The Zirconia teeth are thinner, look and feel more natural and are far more durable. The Zirconia teeth also do not have any metal. The Zirconia teeth called Bruxzir or Prettau are more expensive than hybrid dentures.

All in 4 Price? Start to finish, zirconia teeth cost $45-55K for the entire mouth. A complete upper or lower set of implant teeth costs $25-35K. We placed up to 6 implants per arch and deliver a beautiful set of zirconia implant teeth. Clear Choice all on four usually only includes 4 implants and charges extra for bone grafting, additional implants and zirconia vs acrylic hybrid denture teeth. Clear Choice sometimes uses plastic teeth. We do not use any generic or knock-off implants. In almost all cases we use zirconia implant teeth which are thin, beautiful and contain no metal or plastic.

All on four teeth reviews:

all on four reviews are generally very good. Especially for a complete set of zirconia teeth . Zirconia implant bridges  are very thin, smooth and far more durable than acrylic. Zirconia full mouth teeth are also called Bruxir and Prettau. Hybridge is another name for plastic or acrylic complete implant dentures. It is very important to understand the differences between the kind of teeth on top of your implants. Do your research and know what you are paying for.

Advantages of Complete Implant Bridges

  • Less time to heal compared to multiple single implants
  • A more comfortable and secure fit when compared to dentures
  • Improved speech, digestion, and sleep when compared to dentures
  • A beautiful, healthy smile
  • ideal for patient who are tired of unstable dentures
  • people with more gum and bone who have more recently lost teeth may be happier with individual implants supporting individual crowns and small 3 tooth bridges.

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