With over two decades of professional dental experience, Dr. Rossinski gives the New York City community a reason to smile. As one of the top-rated NYC dentists, her state-of-the-art Fifth Avenue office welcomes patients back again and again. An exceptionally gifted and compassionate clinician, she cultivates lasting relationships with her patients and puts her mind, heart, and expertise into every aspect of their dental care with a blend of Eastern and Western medicine techniques. “The absolute best experience I’ve ever had with a dentist,” “she makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience, truly…very down-to-earth and real,” and “I kind of miss Dr. Rossinski and I may look forward to doing something bad to my teeth on purpose” – these are just a few of abundant online reviews that speak for themselves.

Dr. Rossinski is a graduate of NYU’s Accelerated Seven Year Dental Program, with postgraduate training in Temporomandibular Join Disorders, Laser Dentistry, implants and more.

Biological Treatments

With every procedure and dental service, we exert the utmost safety and professionalism so all of our patients feel comfortable and relaxed. We use the safest and most biological materials available to uphold a “green” environment that everyone feels comfortable with. This means we don’t use any silver or acrylic materials and steer away from Chlorine. We promote ozone dentistry and take safety even further by offering dental material compatibility testing for patients who suffer from allergies.

Ozone Dental Treatment​

During a routine check-up, your dentist will tell you to spit, bite down, open your mouth, and more. But a newer term that might strike your ear is Ozone. This new treatment is simply a tri-atomic oxygen particle that is effective and safe, and can be used in a liquid form (ozonated water) or gas form. One example of how Ozone Therapy can be used is in Periodontal Disease. By using ozonated water to flush below the gum line, Ozone can be used to help treat periodontal disease. The same is true of root canals. Ozone can be used to kill bacteria and promote faster healing.

Teeth Grinding, Night Guards, TMJ

If you experience jaw pain, headaches, clicking noises when you open and close your jaw, or feel soreness in your teeth in the morning, you may have TMJ. Teeth grinding can also lead to TMJ, as continuous teeth grinding over time damages the teeth and jaw joint. We advise that you meet with one of our doctors so you can be properly evaluated for signs of grinding or TMJ. A treatment plan will be created for you in order to correct and rehabilitate healthy oral habits. One solution is to use night guards. Similar to how night guards protect the teeth and gum tissue in physical contact sport, night guards help prevent against damage to your teeth. We customize night guards to your individual needs, ensuring the utmost protection to your pearly whites.

Sleep Apnea​

For sleepers who experience trouble breathing, you may have sleep apnea. This common sleep disorder causes interruptions in rhythmic breathing patterns and blocks the airway. At Dr. Rossinski Dental Health, we craft appliances that help open your airwaves to improve breathing so you sleep safely and soundly.

Oral Cancer Screening & Oral Pathology

During routine check-ups, we always check for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in the mouth, however, we also provide specific oral cancer screening consultations and oral pathology appointments. Our goal with a personalized screening is to identify mouth cancer early on, when it’s easier to reverse. During the screening, our dental hygienists check the mouth for any abnormalities.

Sensitive Teeth Treatment

If you have sensitive teeth, our sensitive teeth treatment includes the application of desensitizing agents. We prescribe proper home care instructions for your medication and diet in order to prevent sensitivity from recurring. A few of our at-home sensitive teeth treatment recommendations include using a desensitizing toothpaste, minimizing acid-containing and carbon-containing foods and beverages, and rinsing your mouth with baking soda and warm water.

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