Kimberly Baer was born and raised in Maryland. She received her undergraduate degree from University of Maryland, College Park in Biology. She then received her Doctoral degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland in 1999. In 2001 Dr. Baer opened the Natural Dentist office in Bethesda. In that same year she completed a Masters program in Implantology at NYU.

She then continued her education with a Master’s Degree in “Biological Medicine and Toxicology”. Dr. Baer is board certified in Naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Baer is a certified fellow with the IAOMT where she learned to utilize the latest technology with special air filtration and safe biocompatible materials.

She has been placing implants since 2001 and has stayed current with the newest innovations especially those that emphasize biocompatibility. She then went on to complete a 2 year Master’s program in orthodontics with the American Orthodontic Society. This is where her emphasis was on the airway and its role became her focus. Dr. Baer is also a certified Invisalign and Lumineers practitioner. Dr. Baer practices IV Sedation Dentistry and received her training at the University of Duquesne.

Dr. Baer spends her free time with her passion, volunteering in countries that have no access to dental care. Spending an average of 5-6 weeks a year volunteering in Africa, Haiti, Vietnam, and Guatemala. Kids International and Healthcare International.

Dental Implants are best Placed at the Time of Tooth Extraction :

At Natural Dentist Associates in Rockville, MD we are a full service dental implant facility, Dental Implant Center. Our goal is to simplify the dental implant process by providing all phases of dental implant therapy without the need for a referral to see another doctor at a different location. We offer Metal-Free Zirconia Dental Implants and Titanium Implants.

If a tooth cannot be placed on the day of tooth extraction, it should be placed as soon as possible to prevent bone and gum loss. Bone and Gum Grafting can cost a lot of money time and pain


Benefits of Dental Implants :

  • Look like a Natural tooth
  • Provide Function similar to Natural teeth
  • Brushing, Flossing and maintenance is the same as Natural teeth
  • Prevents bone loss associated with tooth extractions
  • Prevents gum tissue loss and recession
  • Restores root structure of missing natural lost tooth root

Dental Implant History :

Tooth replacement solutions have evolved to meet the dental needs of the population. As of now, dental implants have served as the standard of care for tooth replacement in the dental profession for more than two decades. Research shows that  patients who received dental implants during the 1980’s and 1990’s report that their implants continue to perform at an optimal level. This research demonstrates that dental implants provide a long-term solution for replacing missing or broken teeth. One big advantage of  dental implants, is that adjacent teeth  do not need to be prepared or ground down to hold your new replacement tooth/teeth in place.

The Procedure :

Replacing a missing tooth or teeth is a two part procedure. At Natural Dentist Associates we do both parts of the procedure.  Our dental team places the implant root and then restores it with a crown. This procedure can often be performed on the same day. It has been noted that many patients who opt for dentures are dissatisfied and wish they had opted for dental implants.

Dental implants vs Dentures :

Dental Implants are secure, permanent and with proper care can last a lifetime.

With dental implants, there is no need to worry about eating all of your favorite foods – your dental implants will not slip, shift, or fall out as dentures might.

Using dental implants to replace missing teeth also stabilizes bone levels and prevents bone loss.

When a person looses a tooth, bone loss begins at the site of your missing tooth. An implant stimulates the bone in a similar manner to your tooth root and prevents any bone loss.

Immediate dental implant placement is the method of choice. During an Immediate Dental Implant placement, the dental implant is placed at the same time as a tooth extraction. Immediate Dental Implant Placement maintains bone and gum levels, combines tooth removal and replacement into one procedure and in most cases produces a more efficient, less painful, less expensive, superior result relative to other forms of tooth replacement and implants placed some period of time after dental extractions.

Immediate Dental Implant placement often times not only cuts down on the number of procedures and necessary anesthesia, but also decreased the need for other costly, time consuming procedures such as bone and gum grafts. Bone and gum grafts become necessary when bone and gum is lost after tooth extraction. The best way to prevent bone and gum loss is to never go without a teeth – hence Immediate Dental Implant Placement.

With regard to dental implants, Dr. Kimberly Baer says  “Our patients receive replacement teeth that both look and act like natural teeth. There is no risk of slippage and activities such as eating your favorite food is natural and enjoyable. Dental Implants are a long term, natural solution for missing teeth.”


Q What does Coconut Oil do that helps teeth?

Coconut Oil Pulling benefits the teeth and mouth in a few different ways. The Coconut Oil removes bacteria from the teeth and gums. This is the same bacteria that causes ‘morning breath’ for some people, so users of Oil Pulling often benefit. Oil Pulling also helps whiten teeth by sealing the tooth’s pores. This helps keep your teeth from getting new stains, such as from coffee or wine.

Q Does Coconut Oil Pulling cure dental cavities?

Yes and no. It will reverse the effects of dental decay in the enamel layer of the tooth, but once bacteria has infected  the next layer of the tooth, the tooth will require treatment by a dentist.

Q Is a special type of Coconut Oil needed?

No. Any type of virgin Coconut Oil available at your grocery store should be fine. Some Report better results with Organic Coconut Oil.

Q How do I perform Coconut Oil Pulling?

Advocates of Coconut Oil Pulling often recommend swishing a spoonful of Coconut Oil in the mouth every day for twenty minutes. Many of our patients don’t have enough time for that sort of daily time investment, however. We’ve found that even just a few minutes of Coconut Oil swishing per day can achieve surprisingly effective results.

Q Does Dental Insurance Pay for Amalgam Filling Removal?

It really depends on the specific insurance plan, whether or not Safe Amalgam Filling Removal is covered by Dental Insurance.  Natural Dentist Associates includes the Safe Mercury / Silver Filling Removal as apart of a dental filling replacement fee.  Some dental offices will charge a separate fee for Safe Removal of an Amalgam Filling.  Natural Dentist Associates does not charge a separate fee for Metal Filling Removal.
A typical Dental PPO insurance  will cover 80% of the cost of the Filling Removal.  Most Insurance plans have a annual maximum benefit such as $1500-$5000 at which point the patient will need to pay for 100% of the fee.  Some Insurance plans have a maximum allowable charge and others will pay on a pre-determined fee schedule.  At Natural Dentist Associates, we have insurance professionals in the office who will contact your insurance company and determine how your insurance works in our dental office.

Q What Is Ozone?

Ozone is a molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen. With only the use of oxygen, there are no chemicals and therefore no side effects or medical contraindications with ozone treatment. It is important to note that our dental practice uses ozonated water in all procedures for irrigation. We can treat oral abscesses and ulcerations caused by dental issues by rinsing and gargling with ozonated water.  By using a custom tray over the teeth and gums we can prevent both tooth decay and painful root canals. Ozonated water can better permeate the tooth to kill bacteria which prevents a variety of dental problems. It disrupts bacteria and other pathogens by disrupting cell walls. It increases circulation and oxygenation to the treatment area. It increases the immune response and creates an environment for the production of anti-oxidants. Dental applications include: Treating cold sores, fever blisters, sensitive teeth, and tooth decay (caries.)

Q How Does Ozone Work?

Ozone gas is then passed into the tray for a period of time every few months. Prior to any restorative procedure, Dr Baer uses ozone to disinfect the tooth. Sterilizing root canals prior to filling, infusion of chronically infected root canals, reducing periodontal infection/inflammation, accelerate post-surgery healing, infusion into infected jaw bones and injection into inflamed jaw joints. Your body’s white blood cells make ozone all the time. It is the ammunition your immune system uses to fight infection.

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