Dr. Pfister’s passion for non-invasive biologic dentistry began while practicing dentistry in Hawaii and he learned of the power of ozone in dentistry. From Hawaii, Dr. Pfister moved to his hometown of Upland as the protégé of the world-renowned ozone dentist Dr. Bill Domb.

In 2015, Dr. Pfister relocated his family to Dothan, Alabama where his wife is from and his grandparents live. They were thrilled to have their 4 girls connect with their southern roots.

Dr. Pfister practices Biologic Dentistry and maximizes the power of ozone, micro air-abrasion dentistry, cavity re-mineralization, alkalization of the mouth, and other homeopathic and minimally invasive techniques to help every patient be as healthy as possible.

Dr. Pfister is a proud accredited member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). Certification through this well-respected organization confirms that he follows the proper process when removing silver amalgam fillings, practicing the highest standards of safety for his patients.

Take advantage of the latest in digital radiographs, digital photography, polarized infrared light to diagnose cavities(DIAGNOcam no-radiation technology), phase-contrast microscopic evaluation of periodontal bacteria (spirochete evaluation), ozone and CO2 periodontal laser treatments to receive the very highest level of dental care!

Dr. Pfister is passionate about always learning, and remains extremely active in post-graduate education. He has been an active member in the following organizations and constantly rotates his post graduate education through various organizations.

  • TIADS (Texas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Pfister was personally      trained on Air-Abrasion by Dr. R Tim Rainey)
  • IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)
  • AAOSH (American Academy for Oral Systemic Health)
  • Ozone Pathfinders (Acclaimed Ozone Training and Research Group)
  • HDA(Holistic Dental Association)
  • IAOHD(International Association of Ozone in Healthcare and Dentistry)
  • IABDM(International Academy of Biologic Dentistry and Medicine)
  • AAIT(American Academy of Implants and Transplants)

In our Dothan dental office, patients have the opportunity to complete dental material compatibility testing. This test will inform your dentist of any reactivity within your body to specific dental materials. Dr. Pfister only uses the most biocompatible materials.

Dothan, AL area dentist offers non-metal, zirconia dental implants as teeth replacement

When patients hear about implants, they are often excited to undergo a procedure that offers them a permanent solution to their tooth loss. However, there are different types of dental implants. Dothan, AL area dentists, Drs. Nathan Pfister and Brian Pfister of Biodentist Alabama, are pleased to offer non-metal teeth implants that can be used as an alternative to titanium. Zirconia dental implants are an excellent solution! .

A zirconia tooth implant is a non-metal alternative to traditional titanium dental implants. Instead of metal, zirconia offers a ceramic choice that is more natural-looking and just as strong and durable as conventional implants. These implants can be used in the same way as titanium implants .

  • Dental implants can be covered with a dental crown to replace a single tooth
  • Dental implants can be used as an anchor on one or both sides of a dental bridge
  • Dental implants can be utilized to stabilize full dentures in the mouth

There are several reasons why a patient may consider a zirconia non-metal dental implant over a traditional titanium option:

  • Biocompatibility / Holistic approach
  • Optimal osseointegration (bone growth)
  • Elimination of potential sensitivities and allergies to metal
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Non-conductivity of electricity
  • Strength and durability
  • Single piece option with no abutment or screw to come loose
  • Ultimate comfort and functionality

Many patients enjoy the benefits of dental implants and find that zirconia ceramic is an even better solution for their smile.

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Not everyone is a proper candidate for zirconia dental implants. Patients must schedule a consultation visit and initial evaluation with their dentist to determine if they can benefit from this restorative procedure. If patients are not appropriate candidates, they can speak to the dentist about alternate options that can be used to repair their smile and restore functionality and health. Reasons why someone may not be a candidate for an implant is insufficient bone, unhealthy bone, or active gum disease.

Learn more about zirconia dental implants

If you are considering a metal-free dental implant alternative, the team of Biodentist Alabama invites you to book a consultation visit. Drs. Nathan Pfister and Brian Pfister are committed to providing solutions for patients who have lost one or more teeth. Call (855) 939-5566 to schedule an appointment at 200 Parkwest Circle, Suite 1 in Dothan, AL, and get started discussing tooth restoration solutions for your smile!

Q Are you a general dentist?

Dr. Nathan Pfister provides general dental care to patients of all ages. He uses the latest technologies for early diagnosis and effective treatment and restores smiles with biocompatible materials that are friendly to the body and beautiful to observe. All of your general dental needs can be handled at Biodentist Alabama.

Q What is

Dr. Pfister has received extensive training in the area of biocompatible dentistry, also called holistic dentistry or natural dentistry. The approach taken by the natural dentist is one that respects the relationship between oral health and the body. We do not just "drill and fill" your teeth. We take into consideration the effect dentistry and dental conditions have on whole-body health, and we act accordingly. Dr. Pfister does not use materials that could put your health at risk, such as amalgam fillings.

Working with a natural dentist, you may be better able to avoid the pain and expense of common dental problems. Advanced microscopic imaging gives us an accurate idea of your oral health and your risk for conditions such as cavities and gum disease. Natural, proven treatments like ozone therapy and micro air abrasion allow us to address such problems quickly and efficiently.

At Biodentist Alabama, you also have a resource for the safe removal of existing amalgam fillings. We are happy to answer your questions and schedule a consultation in our friendly dental office. You are also welcome to stop by and meet our staff at any time.

Q What is your policy regarding dental insurance?

Our patients can use insurance benefits for covered services. Although we do not contract with any insurance companies or accept assignment of benefits, we can assist you with claims for your PPO dental insurance. Our billing policy allows patients to receive the personal attention and preventative care they need regardless of insurance.

Q What is cavity remineralization?

Cavity remineralization is essentially "hardening" the tooth structure where a cavity has formed. In dental terminology we are helping the cavity become "arrested dental decay." Remineralization may be done when we have achieved a more alkaline oral environment and when infection in the tooth has been destroyed. Aspects of remineralization include nutritional counseling, oral probiotics, remineralization gel, xylitol therapy, and ozone therapy. Expertise is critical to know when a cavity can be remineralized and when it needs to be "drilled." Follow up care is crucial to monitor the success of remineralization.

Q What are the benefits of your high-tech equipment?

We are proud to offer our patients the highest standard of care. Equipment such as digital x-rays is not only safer (far less exposure to radiation) but more accurate than conventional film x-rays.

Teeth may be examined with our SoproLIFE Intraoral camera and dexis carivu infrared cavity finder, which allow us to identify areas of concern quickly such as small cavities and cracking teeth.

Dr. Pfister also offers patients microscopic evaluation of oral bacteria using a phase contract microscope. Bacteria in the mouth can cause a lot more than cavities and gum disease. They are also linked to chronic health concerns such as rheumatoid arthritis and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Phase contract microscopy instantly shows us not only which type of bacteria we need to fight but the quantity and risk of the bacteria present in the mouth.

Q Is your practice mercury-free?

Biodentist Alabama is mercury safe. We do not place amalgam fillings. Dr. Pfister as a mercury-safe dentist, means that he follows a very precise protocol for the removal of existing amalgam fillings.

Q Are oral health problems really all that concerning?

An overwhelming amount of evidence indicates the seriousness of oral bacteria. These microorganisms do not remain on teeth and gum tissue, they travel to other areas such as joints, the heart, the lungs, and the nervous system, where they can accumulate and increase the risk for serious, chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, and more. Dr. Pfister is very serious about the early detection and treatment of oral bacteria.

Q How long should I expect my first visit to take?

We believe in getting to know our patients and set aside about two hours for consultation visits.

Q Do you see children?

Our team provides warm, nurturing dental care for patients of all ages. We enjoy helping children and their families develop healthy habits that build strong smiles. Our patients appreciate our conservative approach to dentistry.

We also offer CO2 laser "light scalpel" services for lip-tie and tongue tie.

Q When should my child start seeing the dentist?

begin healthy habits early. These include gently cleaning their child's gums with a soft, moist cloth and giving their child only water in a nap or bedtime bottle. Milk in the bottle at bedtime is a primary cause of caries. Professional care may begin as soon as teeth have erupted and should begin no later than a child's first birthday. Children who begin to see the dentist at a very young age gain significant benefit from education, monitoring, and support. The fewer dental problems that occur, the more pleasant dental visits are and, as a result, the better a child's view of dentistry.

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