Dr. Olivia Hart is known throughout the Richmond, VA area and beyond as a leader in advanced techniques for reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry . . . with a healthy difference. As a member of the IAOMT, IABDM, HDA, ADA, VDA, RDS, ICOI and AAIP (keep reading to learn more about these organizations), Dr. Hart utilizes the least invasive, safest, and most technologically advanced methods. Her comprehensive style of dentistry goes well beyond treating problems with teeth. It encompasses a whole-body wellness approach that recognizes the symbiosis of mouth and body. From mercury-safe techniques to homeopathic healing, Dr. Hart treats with the patient’s overall wellbeing in mind. Under Dr. Hart’s tutelage, Richmond Family Dentistry provides a premium level of holistic dental care not found in other area practices, for patients of all ages.

With grandparents in the dental profession, Dr. Hart found early inspiration to help others enjoy improved quality of life through healthy mouths. However, she first earned a Master’s degree in linguistics and taught in that field. Highly-developed communication and education skills became invaluable in providing positive dental experiences. Several years of world travel introduced Dr. Hart to holistic lifestyles in various cultures. She brings the best of these combined philosophies together at Richmond Family Dentistry.

An unquenchable thirst for knowledge lead to a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (Cum Laude), and a Virginia Commonwealth University Doctorate in Dentistry (with honors). Dr. Hart has also completed a Doctorate program in naturopathy.


Dr. Olivia Hart is the only dentist in Richmond, VA that offers to her patients FDA-approved, biocompatible, biomimetic, durable metal-free zirconia implants, also known also as a ceramic implants.


If you think about it, you have likely never known anyone who has an allergic reaction to a ceramic teapot or the ceramic plates they eat off of. One of the reasons for this is that the human body responds better to biocompatible, non-metal materials rather than materials made from metals.

When titanium alloy dental implants are placed in the ”hostile electrolytic environment” that is our mouth, they may be subject to corrosion and the release of ions that can, in turn, increase the likelihood of an adverse allergic reaction (Chaturvedi, 2013).

Additionally, the metal in our mouth is constantly being exposed to saliva and cellular energy—who does not use mobile phones these days with ever more powerful cellular networks? This exposure is known to create galvanic reactions, which are battery-like electric currents (Tschernitschek H, Borchers L, Geurtsen W. Nonalloyed 2005: 523-530). Having a battery in your mouth is not a recipe for a long, healthy life! Furthermore, some patients are known to have developed a hypersensitivity to titanium implants (Muller K, Valentine-Thon E., 2006).

According to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and documented scientific research, exposure to metal in general and metal implants specifically can also be a contributing factor to autoimmune disease. (Loyo E, Jara LJ, López PD, Puig AC., 2013).

Richmond Family Dentistry adopts a precautionary approach in its holistic, ceramic implant treatment. Our philosophy is that anything metal in a patient’s mouth is suspicious until science irrevocably states otherwise, and should ideally be substituted with available biocompatible alternatives with the aim of enhancing the immunity and self-defence of a patient’s body.


  • Strong– Zirconia is extremely capable of resisting bite force, so these implants are suitable for all areas of the mouth.
  • Reliable– Zirconia implants have been available since 1987, recently gaining popularity due to a growing number of holistic dental practices. Osseointegration for zirconia is similar to titanium, resulting in a success rate up to 97 percent.
  • Biocompatible– Zirconia is a bioinert material – it is unlikely to cause inflammation and rejection by the body.
  • Natural looking– A zirconia implant and porcelain restoration cannot be detected in the smile. Because it is white in color like natural teeth, a gray line at the gum margin is unlikely to appear.

As a dentist with a holistic approach and a member of the IAOMT, Dr. Hart supports the growing trend toward avoiding metals in the body. If you are a health conscious dental patient, she encourages you to schedule a consultation to learn more about the advantages of zirconia implants and relevant treatment plans. Call Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond,


Q How much is your dental service? How much will I pay for fixing my tooth? How much is your treatment plan?

We cannot determine how much you will need to spend to have your teeth taken care without seeing you and having Dr. Hart conduct comprehensive examination of your oral health. This type of evaluation is designed not only to treat your immediate symptoms but to address their causes. Based on that comprehensive examination we will develop appropriate treatment plan that will also include the full cost of the treatment. Please keep in mind, if you want to take care of your oral health and any dental issues that you might have in the cheapest possible way, we might not be your best practice. We aim to provide our patients the best care in the region. Dr. Hart continues devoting her time and makes considerable financial investments in her continued education and the newest dental technologies in her office. Please be mindful that the highest quality dentistry comes also with the equivalent fees. At the same time, our charges are comparable to other out-of-network dental practices that serve patients in the region.

Q Why are you an out-of-network practice?

Dr. Hart has put a lot of thought into the decision to opt-out of all dental insurance and it was not an easy decision. She took this step n order to be able to continue providing the best dental care to her patients. Insurance companies often do not have the patient’s best interests in mind. In fact, they may not even have specific knowledge regarding the treatment and why it is needed. Often, claims are denied based on the review of a “dental consultant” who may or may not be a dentist.

Insurance companies will pay for the most basic training and Dr. Hart’s training is far beyond basic. Dr. Hart spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on continuing her education in the field of biological dentistry and beyond. This has meant lots of travel, time away from the office and time away from the family. The state of Virginia mandates that dentists take 15 hours of continuing education each year. Every year, Dr. Hart has exceeded that by more than 10 times. Dental insurance companies do not reward Dr. Hart for that. In fact, insurance companies impose an arbitrary cap on fees that have little to do with the market, skills development, expertise acquired and technology investments. In addition to her expansive continued education, Dr. Hart has chosen to purchase new technology each year which improves the care that she offers to her patients. Dr. Hart strives to offer the best care to her patients by giving them the very best professional care she can provide. That means that she aims to have the most up-to-date knowledge in the field, the most relevant and enhanced skills and the most advanced technologies and materials available.

Richmond Family Dentistry staff does their very best to find workable financial solutions and accommodations for our patients. We continue to file patients’ insurance claims for out-of-network benefits and provide financing options through CareCredit, which allows patients to enjoy no-interest financing and low minimum monthly payments that can make affording your dental care simple and attainable. If you are interested in learning more about available financial solutions for our services, please call our office at (804) 381-6238 or email us at [email protected] for more details.

Q Do you treat children?

Yes, Dr. Hart sees children of all ages at her practice.

Q What is the comprehensive exam and what do you do exactly during this exam, how long does it take and how much does it cost?

Dr. Hart designed and introduced comprehensive exams for new patients to develop the best and most optimal treatment plan for patient’s oral and overall health. The comprehensive exam consists of two parts: 1) an in-depth examination of patient’s oral and overall health and 2) Dr. Hart’s evaluation of the results of the examination, conversation with the patient about teeth symptoms and root causes behind them with a particular focus on the oral health through the whole-body perspective. The whole examination lasts one hour and costs $400, including 2D and 3D xrays. Watch Dr. Hart speaking about the comprehensive exam.

Q Do I need to take xrays? Why do you need to take X-rays if you are a holistic practice?

Technology is an important part of a holistic dental practice. Dr. Hart as a biological dentist pays a particular attention to a preventive oral care. Such care aims at uncovering oral issues before they become major dental problems. Earlier discovery of potential oral diseases helps with conservative treatment that focuses on preserving natural tooth structure. Such earlier discoveries cannot be done merely with a visual evaluation. Dr. Hart relies on CBCT or 3D imaging to help provide her patients with most effective preventive care possible and most conservative treatment as part of her biological approach to dentistry.

Q Can I have my mercury-filled amalgam removed safely?

Yes. As the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) member, Dr. Hart is trained and experienced in a safe technique for removal of mercury fillings in accordance with the IAOMT strict guidelines. Read more about the safe mercury removal and safeguards Dr. Hart uses at her office.

Q What is so unique about Richmond Family Dentistry?

We use BPA-free composite, bio-compatible and non-metal materials, including porcelain inlays and Onlays, ceramic crowns and ceramic implants.

Q Do you use ozone treatment?

Dr. Hart uses ozonated water in multiple procedures.

Q Do you use laser in your office and for what purposes?

Yes. We use FOTONA laser to remove decay from the tooth painlessly; disinfect the tooth; disinfect the extraction site. Dr. Hart also treats snoring with laser and uses laser in cosmetic dentistry, e.g. smoothlase to treat wrinkles or liplase to give lips a fuller appearance. Read more information about laser dentistry at our office.

Q Do you do Ceramic or Titanium Implants?

Dr. Hart places only ceramic implants as they are biocompatible and are part of a precautionary philosophy of her practice rooted in a belief that anything metal in a patient’s mouth is suspicious until science irrevocably states otherwise.

Q Do you perform root canals?

No, we do not perform root canals.

Q Do you accept medicaid?

Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicaid.

Q Do you take dental insurance?

We are out of network with all insurances. But we help our patients file for out-of-network benefits to make our biological dental care more affordable. Even when we take the full payment at the time of service, we are committed to helping our patients file claims to their insurance when they are in our office. Oftentimes, the insurance companies send reimbursement checks directly to patients. However, in case our office receives an insurance payment we reimburse a patient by mailing the check for the same amount the insurance paid us.

We noticed that patients oftentimes think of a dental insurance as a medical insurance with no coverage limit. In fact, all dental insurances have yearly coverage limits that usually fall between $1000 to $ 2000 and this is regardless of whether patients use dentists in or out-of-network. This coverage limit is quickly exhausted during a year when patients need major dental work done such as crowns, bridges, implants or dental appliances, the costs of which go into thousands of dollars. In this case, patients' choice of our out-of-network practice comes down to a high quality of services that we offer and the demand for Dr. Hart’s unique specialization and skills in biological dentistry and her holistic approach to dental care.

For out-of-pocket expenses, checks, cash, and credit cards are accepted. Additionally, financing is offered through CareCredit, which allows patients to enjoy no-interest financing and low minimum monthly payments that can make affording your dental care simple and attainable. If you are interested in learning more about our billing and assistance in your insurance claims for our services, please call our office at (804) 381-6238 or email us at [email protected] for more details.

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