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Dr. Porcelli is a Biologically-trained Cosmetic, Restorative Dentist. His expertise—smile design and complex dentistry is an art form requiring precise work in the service of people needing smile rejuvenation and serious mouth reconstruction. He instinctively understands the issues and concerns of his patients and has a passion for helping people get the smile they desire. Dr. Porcelli defines himself as an artist of the smile and a physician of the mouth. His artistic talent in sculpture art gives him an edge in tooth and smile design. He insists on working with people who are equally meticulous. Dr. Porcelli only works with high quality products and small dental labs not with big conglomerates because he wants people who can build prosthetics and teeth with the same care and artisanship he brings to his own craft.

Dr. Porcelli has accumulated over 1000 clinical hours in continued dental education. Having completed his training at The Dawson Academy a prestigious post-doctorate learning institute recognized all around the world–Dr Porcelli is a Dawson Scholar trained in complex dentistry, TMJ disorder, sleep apnea and complete smile design. He is an alumni of the reputable Pankey Institute and Kois Center, two master level programs dedicated to excellence in dentistry and comprehensive smile design. As a past Clinical Instructor and active student with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) this allows him to keep current with cosmetic dentistry trends and artistic technique training.

Dental Implants

When you’re missing teeth, or are about to lose teeth, your ability to enjoy everyday activities such as eating, speaking, and smiling can be severely compromised. With dental implants, our team’s highly experienced implant specialist can replace your decayed or missing teeth one, several, or even all of them with durable artificial teeth that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, right here in the serene, sophisticated setting of our Bluffton, SC office. In line with the holistic philosophy of our founder, Dr. Richard Porcelli, dental implant placement is done as safely and naturally as possible.

Dental implants are replacements for your teeth roots; each one has a crown added atop it as the visible part of the tooth. We place biocompatible zirconia implant posts, which means they’re safe to use with living tissue and are well-tolerated by your body. Starting as diamond-like crystals, zirconia implants are ceramic, non-corrosive, and metal-free, making them ideal for patients with metal allergies. Once placed, dental implants undergo a natural process called osseointegration, during which they fuse with the jawbone and gums and become a permanent part of your body. Our team offers a variety of sedation options to keep you relaxed during and after placement of your dental implants. Ask for details

Before We Place Your Dental Implants

You may require one or several procedures to be completed before you can receive dental implants. If you have loose teeth that need to be removed before your dental implant surgery, we can perform tooth extractions during the same visit. If you’ve suffered extreme bone loss in the implant area, we’ll need to build the bone back up through bone grafting before it will support an implant long-term. This is done by harvesting a portion of real bone from your body or from a donor and placing it in the area of bone loss. The grafted bone will osseointegrate (as above) and become a natural part of your jaw. Once these procedures are completed, you’ll be able to have your dental implants placed and start enjoying a variety of benefits.

Natural Approach To Dentistry

Under the guidance of our founder, Dr. Richard Porcelli, we’ve developed a holistic approach to treatment that encompasses everything from minimally invasive procedures that preserve the integrity of your mouth, to natural materials that safeguard your current and future health. It also includes laser dentistry and the CT scan equipment we use for diagnostic evaluations. With holistic dentistry (or biological dentistry), we carefully choose materials and methods that will enhance and protect the physical wellbeing of your entire body.

One key way we achieve this is by offering biocompatibility testing, where we confirm the materials and devices we use during procedures are completely safe for you before we use them. Through an independent lab, we verify that they are free of toxins that can harm your immune and nervous systems, for example. No treatment we offer will benefit you if the tools we use for it can compromise your health. We’ll make sure you have the peace of mind you need to proceed.

In addition, we understand how your diet impacts not only your oral health, but your overall body health as well—what we call the mouth-body connection. To protect both, we offer nutritional counseling from a highly trained specialist who can help you make better dietary choices and enjoy a healthier life going forward.

Smile Rejuvenation

he reasons could be many—your teeth are discolored, chipped, misaligned, or worn. You have a noticeable gap in your smile. Whatever the issue, the result is the same: You’re not happy with your smile. Whether your appearance has changed dramatically over the years, or you’ve never really had the look you desired, Dr. Richard Porcelli, the founder of our practice, has the broad training and experience to make your ideal smile a reality. As a master of cosmetic dentistry educated in smile design through the Dawson Academy and the Pankey Institute, smile rejuvenation is his specialty. It’s also his passion.

Dr. Porcelli is uniquely qualified to provide you with a more attractive smile on the outside, and a renewed feeling of self-confidence and contentment inside, and he’s got the credentials to prove it. You won’t try to hide your teeth anymore, you’ll want to show them off. And there are many substantial benefits to smile rejuvenation beyond beauty. The physical causes at the core of your issue will be resolved, leaving you pain-free and able to eat, speak, and laugh normally!

Ozone Therapy

Widely used for decades, ozone therapy is a leading treatment in biological dentistry. This proven therapy actually uses oxygen as the basis of its healing properties. While O2 is the chemical symbol for oxygen, ozone is known as O3. The science is a bit technical, but that third oxygen molecule is what makes ozone so powerful in killing viruses, fungi, and bacteria while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. What’s more, ozone can be as effective in a single dose as several rounds of other conventional treatments!

Our founder, Dr. Richard Porcelli, and our entire team are highly skilled and experienced in administering ozone therapy during periodontal disease treatment, restorative care, and other procedures, eliminating health-compromising microorganisms and restoring your teeth and gums to a healthy condition. This revolutionary biological dentistry treatment is performed regularly in the serene, spa-like surroundings of our office.

Digital Smile Design

our smile might just be your most distinguishing feature. It’s generally what people notice first, and it speaks volumes about who you are. When you feel like your smile doesn’t represent you or the person you desire to be, you do have the choice to change it. But a smile makeover isn’t something you want to trust to just anyone.

Dr. Richard Porcelli, our founder and an accomplished authority in cosmetic dentistry, mastered smile design at prestigious schools including The Dawson Academy and the Pankey Institute, and has become an in-demand lecturer on the topic. It’s no wonder he’s been named “Best Cosmetic Dentist in Bluffton, SC” in local publications for several years running. Dr. Porcelli is a proven practitioner of Digital Smile Design, as well as a sculptor, which has given him a unique eye for facial aesthetics. Let him show you the wonders of Digital Smile Design in the spa-like serenity of our Bluffton, SC office soon.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

At one time, mercury was the metal of choice for fillings. When combined with alloy powder, this naturally occurring element yielded a soft mixture that was easy to apply into a tooth, but that also became solid quickly and was strong enough to allow the recipient to chew hard food normally. While this may seem ideal, there was one huge downside: Mercury is harmful to human health. The World Health Organization has deemed it “toxic,” and many countries have even banned mercury fillings.

You may be shocked to learn that almost half of dentists in the United States still needlessly use this toxic substance in fillings. We’re proud to say we’re not among them! As a practice dedicated to natural, holistic methods, we use safer metal-free alternatives. Our highly skilled team places only mercury-free fillings, and also has the expertise to safely remove your existing mercury fillings without exposing you to further risk of contamination, all in the exceptional comfort of our Bluffton, SC office. It’s crucial to your health to use a dentist trained in the top protective protocols such as SMART amalgam removals.

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