He received my bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from Rhodes College in Memphis. He then attended the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry, where He graduated in 1988 as salutatorian with honors.

He is heavily involved with many types of continuing education, including lectures, meetings, and hands-on demonstrations. Oral healthcare is constantly evolving. The new technologies, along with materials and processes, mean even more comfortable care and strong results for my patients. By staying current with these changes, He ensure there patients have access to the best care possible.

He have received numerous awards during my dental career, and He is a Fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He also belong to the following associations:

  • American Dental Association
  • Tennessee Dental Association
  • Nashville Dental Society
  • Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Academy of Laser Dentistry

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a standalone tooth replacement that mimics the natural structure of a tooth. Dental implants are secured in the jawbone with a surgically implanted titanium “root,” then capped with a natural-looking dental restoration, the part of the tooth that is visible when you smile. They fuse with surrounding bone and tissue and become an anchor that mimics a natural root. This process prevents any deterioration of bone that occurs when a tooth is lost.

Dental implants are a foundation for replacement teeth that function and feel like your natural teeth. You won’t need to worry about cutting out hard or crunchy foods or having your denture slip or shift. You can eat whatever you like and smile confidently. Dental implants will not only give you back the ability to enjoy your life, but they also retain the structure of your face and preserve your youthful appearance.

Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures can help you restore function and appearance to a smile that’s sustained damage due to a car accident, medical condition, facial trauma, or extreme dental decay. Your dentures should fit you well and give you the confidence you need to live your life freely, which is exactly what we design our treatments to do.

Reasons to Choose Digital Dentures

While there are several ways you can replace missing teeth, dentures are often the best choice if you’re on a budget, need your replacement quickly, or have a full arch of missing teeth.

Dr. Sullivan can help guide you if you’re unsure about your best tooth replacement option in Brentwood.

If you end up leaning toward dentures to replace your missing teeth, we can perform all the necessary treatments here in our dental office. We also have everything we need to support you post-treatment and to help you care for your dentures in the future.

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose digital dentures, including:

Fewer Dental Appointments

With digital dentures, you usually only need to make two trips to your Brentwood dentist rather than the five or more that might be necessary when preparing for standard dentures. Fewer dental appointments means you get your new teeth sooner!

Fewer Adjustments

Traditional dentures take time to get right. You can expect multiple denture relines or fitting appointments when you opt for standard dentures. With digital dentures, however, CAD/CAM software allows us to set your new teeth in proper alignment the first time, saving you time and money over the long run.

Improved Dental Bite

Your bite should be one of your biggest priorities when you get a new set of dentures. Our digital dentures can help you chew and eat normally once more. The unique design software we use helps us plan out the exact spacing and placement of your teeth within your dentures and follows the contours of your bite to align your jaw correctly.

No Try-In Dental Appointment

The “try-in dental appointment” is standard with every set of traditional dentures. When you choose digital dentures in Brentwood, TN, however, you don’t have to spend this extra time in the dental chair. Our dentists will review and approve the computer images before anyone ever fabricates your dentures, which means once they arrive, you should be able to start wearing them immediately.

Easy Replacement

When you drop a pair of traditional dentures on the bathroom tile and they shatter, getting a new set made can be a time-consuming process. Depending on how old the dentures are, your dentist may need to take new impressions and fit you for a new set entirely.

This is not the case with our digital dentures in Brentwood, TN. Our dentists digitally store the data we use to make your dentures in our secure electronic filing system, so replacing a lost or broken denture is easy!

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is any surgical procedure performed in or around your mouth and jaw. At Sullivan Dental Partners, we offer:

  • Comfortable tooth extraction
  • Dental implant placement
  • Non-invasive laser procedures

Dr. Rick and Dr. Sully have decades of experience between them. Oral health care is continuously evolving, so they invest in continuing education and advanced training to bring you the latest and best dental care.

Recovering from oral surgery should be a smooth, uncomplicated process if you follow your dentist’s instructions and care for yourself and the surgical site properly.

These instructions typically include the following:

  • Plan to stay home and care for yourself for the rest of the day. If you’ve been sedated, we recommend that you rest at home until the sedative wears off. Avoid bending, lifting, or other strenuous activities
  • Place an ice pack on your jaw for 30 minutes to reduce bruising, swelling, or pain. Then remove it for 15 minutes and repeat the process.
  • It’s critical to protect the clot that is forming over the surgical site. Disturbing or dislodging the clot often leads to a very painful condition called dry socket. Don’t smoke or drink through a straw as the sucking motion can dislodge the clot.
  • Stick to a soft diet for the first few days that includes applesauce, soup, or yogurt. Stay away from foods that are hot, cold, chewy, or spicy.

Digital Dentures

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about dentures. As with any dental treatment, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons when deciding if something is right for you. A key advantage that digital dentures can offer over other tooth replacement options, however, is their convenience.

In the past, producing high-quality removable dentures was a time-consuming process. Using traditional methods, you might have to make as many as five visits to your dentist to make sure your dentures were adjusted to a comfortable fit and natural appearance. If five visits to your dentist for one treatment sounds like a lot, that’s because it is! Thankfully, digital dentures just made the whole process a lot easier.

You may be surprised to learn that, using digital technology, we can thoroughly plan out the design of your new dentures in just one visit to our Brentwood dentists. Using an impression of your teeth and 3-D CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software, we can create dentures that conform perfectly to the contours of your jaw and gums.

Once your dentures are up to our uncompromising standards, you will return to our dental office one more time so we can place your final dentures. CAD/CAM technology allows us to create customized dentures that look great, fit more comfortably than you ever thought possible, and take significantly less time to produce than traditional dentures.

Six Month Smiles & Clear Aligners

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles braces and clear aligners offered at Sullivan Dental Partners combine the convenience and aesthetics of clear braces with the effectiveness of metal orthodontics.

The purpose of treatment with traditional long-term orthodontics is to correct a misaligned dental bite. Adults who have a minor cosmetic misalignment often don’t have a problem with their dental bite. In these cases, Six Month braces are perfect because they move only the front teeth that show when you smile. The system applies gentle force to reposition your front teeth in as little as four to nine months.

Since treatment times are reduced, Six Month Smiles clear braces are generally more affordable than traditional braces. They won’t detract from your beautiful smile, either, because the tooth-colored wires and clear brackets blend in well with your natural enamel.

Clear Aligner Trays

If you’re more interested in learning about straightening mildly misaligned teeth with clear aligners, Dr. Rick and Dr. Sully can help! Teeth alignment with our clear aligners is discreet and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about how they’ll impact your lifestyle because they can be easily removed while eating, brushing, and flossing or for special events.

If you choose clear aligners, we will start by developing a plan that establishes the ideal positioning of your teeth. These specifications are then sent to a high-quality dental lab where your new aligners will be fabricated.

In a couple weeks, you will return to our office, and you’ll receive a series of new aligners along with instructions for their use. Simply wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, then move on to the next in the series. You’ll stay motivated because you will actually be able to see the gradual progress each time you change aligners. Treatment times with clear aligners average about twelve months for adults. Teens can expect treatment times similar to traditional orthodontics.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re considering cosmetic treatment, you have a lot to think about. How will you fit treatments into your busy schedule? Will the results live up to your expectations? Dr. Rick and Dr. Sully take the time to actively listen to your concerns and answer your questions fully. We’ll work closely with you to customize your treatment to correct just about any problem that’s bothering you.

Porcelain Veneers

A veneer is a very thin slice of porcelain that’s bonded to the front surface of your tooth. Veneers look natural, can be used on just a single tooth or on several teeth, and correct many esthetic dental problems. In just a few visits to our Brentwood dental office, we can restore the appearance of teeth that are chipped, discolored, or slightly misaligned.

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatments are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform your smile. For your convenience, we’re pleased to offer both in-office whitening and take-home whitening kits.

Cosmetic Dental Restorations

You probably don’t think of fillings or crowns as cosmetic in nature, but at Sullivan Dental Partners, every procedure is done to enhance the beauty of your smile as well as your oral health.

White Tooth-Colored Fillings

Today’s filling material also referred to as composites or composite fillings, is tooth colored and allows us to create repairs that look more natural than ever. Now we can create a filling that looks so much like your own teeth that even you may not be able to find the repair!

This same aesthetic quality makes composite fillings an excellent, cost-effective solution for dental bonding. This cosmetic procedure is used to repair chips and cracks, fill uneven gaps and spaces between teeth, and even conceal a severely stained tooth.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

We’re pleased to offer state-of-the-art CEREC crowns that allow you to receive a fully customized crown in just one dental visit. Dental crowns provide support for a damaged tooth, but since they completely encase your tooth, they’re also a great solution for hiding an old, dark metal filling or reshaping a poorly proportioned tooth.

Q Do you accept new patients?

Of course! We are thrilled when patients choose our office, and we promise to do our best to be honest, thorough, and respectful of their time. If you or anyone you know is looking for a dentist, please don't hesitate to refer them to us.

Services we provide
We proudly offer a wide array of dental services under one roof to help address all of your needs. If you're looking for tooth replacement options, dentures, periodontal treatment, root canals, clear aligners, sleep apnea treatment, or just general dentistry for the whole family, we can help!

Q How are CEREC crowns different from traditional crowns?

At Sullivan Dental Partners, we enjoy restoring damaged smiles because we see how the results improve oral health and our patients’ self-esteem. Dental crowns are a valuable restoration we commonly use to protect and strengthen a damaged tooth.

If you shrink from the idea of getting a crown because it’s a time-consuming process, we understand. You have a lot of commitments, and you just can’t take time out of your busy schedule to sit for multiple appointments and deal with a temporary crown.

It’s for patients like you that we are pleased to offer the benefits of state-of-the-art CEREC same-visit crowns. You no longer have to face multiple appointments and injections or the inconvenience of wearing a temporary.

Your CEREC Appointment
In just one appointment, our doctors evaluate your needs, plan your treatment, and design and fabricate a natural-looking, durable porcelain crown. The process takes about two hours, after which time, you’ll leave our office ready to show off your new smile.

Q When should my child first visit the dentist?

The general recommendation of the American Dental Association is that children see the dentist when their first tooth appears but no later than their first birthday.

As a parent, you may wonder why your child needs to be seen at such a young age. There are a couple of good reasons for this recommendation.child | children's Dentist Brentwood Tn

Taking care of baby teeth
First, even though they will eventually come out, baby teeth play a significant role in your child’s dental development. Baby teeth hold space for permanent teeth that are already developing in the gums so that when these teeth do emerge, they will erupt in the proper position.

Getting your child used to the dental office
Second, and possibly more importantly, your child deserves a positive start with their oral health care. This involves helping your child get comfortable with us and accustomed to the strange surroundings of a dental office. A child who has nothing but positive dental experiences is far more likely to be proactive with their dental health as an adult.

Sullivan Dental Partners is a fourth generation dental office and has been practicing children's dentistry in Brentwood, TN for decades. You can trust our team to know just how to handle your child’s unique needs so they grow up feeling confident about their dental care.

Q Are you a cosmetic dentist?

We take pride in ensuring that every procedure we perform is cosmetic in nature, simply because they improve the appearance of your smile. You should be proud of your smile, and whether you are getting dentures or just having a tooth filled, you can be confident that the results will exceed your expectations.Woman Smiling | Cosmetic Dentistry Brentwood

There are many opportunities for us to not only restore a damaged tooth but to make it look better than it did when we started. Fillings aren’t usually thought of as a cosmetic treatment, but updated materials help us create a restoration that looks natural and enhances your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options
Nothing can detract from your smile like a missing tooth. Our implants, dentures, and bridges are all designed to solve the problem of an empty space in your mouth as well as improve the esthetics of your smile.

As you can see, just about any procedure can be considered cosmetic if it enhances the appearance of your smile. Dr. Rick has been an active member of the American Association of Cosmetic Dentists for over 15 years, so you know that your treatment is in good hands.

Q What is dental bonding?

Dental Bonding is a non-invasive way of fixing chipped teeth, cosmetic corrections or defects in teeth that patients don’t like. The beauty of bonding is it's much more affordable than traditional porcelain or ceramic veneers and it can be polished or adjusted very easily. Dental bonding is done using esthetic composite or filling material that actually bonds to the tooth. Therefore, there is minimal prepping or reduction to the teeth if any at all to get the esthetic result patients want.

Q How do dental implants work?

Losing just one tooth can lead to a series of events that can seriously compromise your overall oral health. The empty space left by a missing tooth gives surrounding teeth room to move into the void and surrounding bone can start to deteriorate.

It is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible, and dental implants are a popular and effective solution. A denDental Implant | Brentwood TN Dentisttal implant is surgically placed in your jawbone and serves as a replacement root for the missing tooth.

Dental Implant Procedure in Brentwood, TN
First, Dr. Rick will place a titanium replacement root into your jaw here at our office. This is the underlying piece of the implant. Once the implant has been secured in the jaw bone, healing usually takes several months. When we’re familiar with your case, we’ll be able to give you a better estimate. After the bone heals, we anchor a replacement tooth like a crown, bridge, or denture to the implant.

Secure, durable dental implants have changed the way we look at tooth replacement, and there’s a lot to consider when thinking about having a dental implant placed. We encourage you to contact our Brentwood dental office, and we’ll be happy to arrange a convenient consultation with Dr. Rick.

Q What are my options for replacing missing teeth?

Missing teeth or a single tooth is one of the most common dental problems patients have. Replacing missing teeth is important to restore natural form and function to our oral health. When replacing teeth there are 3 main options. The best-case scenario in most cases is a dental implant.

Dental Implants
A dental implant is a tooth root replacement that allows a crown or tooth to be attached to it. Once in place, it functions like a tooth, looks like a tooth, and flosses like a tooth.

Dental Bridges
The second option usually considered is a bridge. A bridge is when a person may not be a candidate for an implant. In this situation we prep teeth on either side of the space and attach 3 crowns together that bridge the gap.

Partial Dentures
Lastly, a removal bridge or partial denture can be used to replace missing teeth.

Q When do I need a root canal?

If your tooth has been diagnosed with an infection, two things are likely:

You are probably in a lot of pain.
You will need root canal therapy to preserve your tooth
Your tooth may have started off being sensitive to temperature, which means that decay was present and affecting it. When tooth decay progresses into the nerve of your tooth, the result is an infection, which causes the constant and severe pain that keeps you up at night. It is important to note that your dental infection will not go away without treatment, so please don't wait to contact your team at Sullivan Dental Partners thinking that it will get better on its own.

What happens during a root canal?
Dr. Rick or Dr. Sully will remove the infection from your tooth during root canal therapy. This will not only relieve your pain, but also eliminate your infection so we can preserve your natural tooth structure. Because your tooth is not as strong as it was before, you will need to have it built up with a filling or crown after it has healed.

Do you need more information about root canal treatment in Brentwood, TN? Are you experiencing dental pain? Contact Sullivan Dental Partners right away for more information or to schedule your next visit.

Q Can I be sedated?

For decades, Dr. Rick has been helping our patients relax so they can comfortably receive important dental care. If you are apprehensive about dental visits, the professional team at Sullivan Dental Partners can help. Dentist | Sedation Dentist in Brentwood TN

Types of Sedation
We offer two types of sedation. The first and mildest is nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is an odorless, colorless gas that has been used safely since the mid-1800s. The purpose of nitrous is not to “put you to sleep,” but to help you relax into a calm state.

You will be alert enough to talk to your doctor, and as soon as we stop administering the gas, the effect will dissipate quickly. You will be able to return to your usual activities right after your appointment. All our staff members are trained in the use of nitrous oxide.

Another effective option is oral sedation, where Dr. Rick or Dr. Sully will prescribe a sedative to be taken about an hour before your appointment. The advantage of oral sedation is that when you arrive at our office you will already be in a relaxed state. Please note that if you opt for oral sedation, you must have a driver to get you to and from your appointment.

Q How is sleep apnea diagnosed?

Have you been accused of loud snoring during the night? Do you suffer from chronic fatigue and find yourself exhausted by the afternoon? Do you sometimes wake during the night gasping for air or coughing? All of these factors are symptoms of sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder that causes you to stop breathing multiple times throughout the night. Couple with sleep apnea in brentwood tn

If you've heard of sleep apnea, you might know that it takes a sleep study to accurately diagnose the condition. Your team at Sullivan Dental Partners offers a take-home sleep study that can be completed in the comfort of your own bed. This means you don't have to go to a sleep lab and have someone watch and monitor your sleep; and better yet, you'll receive your results the next morning!

If you do have sleep apnea
If your test shows that you suffer from sleep apnea, we will then scan your teeth and analyze your airways with specialized software called SICAT. This innovative software allows our doctors to identify obstructions that could be causing your sleep apnea and keeping you from getting the rest you need.

Q What is Dental Bonding Used For?

We can use bonding to address a wide array of concerns. The best way to find the right treatment for your needs is to visit our office for a consultation. We'll evaluate your dental needs, and can help you determine the best options for your health and your budget moving forward.

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