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Dr. Saleh Elahwal graduated from Cairo University School of Dentistry in 1978. He immigrated to the United States and graduated from New York University School of Dentistry in 1986 when he earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery and obtained his dental license. He began his professional practice in Brooklyn, NY and has been here ever since.

Dr. Elahwal has attended various post-graduate courses including implant dentistry, TMJ disorders and oral facial pain management, orthodontia, and forensic dentistry. He received Certificates of Completion in the aforementioned areas, as well as attaining Diplomate status with the American Board of Forensic Dentistry and membership in the American College of Forensic Examiners. Dr. Elahwal is also a member of the International Conference of Oral Implantologists and the American College of Osseointegration. Member of (AADI)American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Dr. Elahwal is a member of the American Academy Of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Also he is a member of IAOS (International Academy Of Sleep).

Life-Changing Smile Solutions :

Do you have decayed or missing teeth? Is your oral health, and even overall health, lacking due to your incomplete or damaged smile? Difficulty eating, speaking clearly, or even smiling due to the condition of your teeth doesn’t have to be your normal. There is an alternative to the physical discomfort and the loss of confidence that go along with them. You no longer have to accept a smile you’re embarrassed by, a diet you don’t prefer, or a voice that doesn’t sound the way it should. Dental implants can help put these symptoms in the past for you just as they’ve been transforming the lives of patients across the world as well as in our very own Brooklyn, NY area.

For all their life-changing possibilities, dental implants are made of only three parts: a screw-like post made of biocompatible titanium that’s inserted in your jawbone to replace your tooth root; a natural-looking, custom-made and long-lasting crown; and an abutment, which connects these two parts together. Dental implants function, feel and look just like natural, healthy teeth. Dr. Saleh Elahwal places and restores implants, making for convenient—and fewer—office visits. Dr. Elahwal is an active member of the International Conference of Oral Implantologists and the American College of Osseointegration.

Transformative Benefits Of Dental Implants :

  • Restore a unique and youthful facial appearance
  • Replace missing teeth with durable and natural-looking new ones
  • Allow you to eat a full and complete diet
  • Make it possible to speak clearly again
  • Boost your confidence
  • Improve your overall quality of life</>

Expect Quality, Efficiency And Precision :

Dr. Elahwal uses dental implants from top manufacturers across the country to ensure their dental implant treatment is not only reliable but customized to each patient’s unique needs. No matter which kind you receive, one thing is certain, you can expect high-quality and lasting results. Once the implant is selected, we use the CHROME GuidedSMILE™ system to precisely plan and place each implant post. This guided implant surgery tactic requires extensive preplanning on our part starting right after your first consultation! The product of this extra care and precision? A faster, more predictable process and a longer-lasting result for you. During your surgical visit, we’ll start by placing a surgical guide made just for you over your jaw. Then, we’ll begin placing each implant post through it and into your jawbone. Contingent on your specific needs and goals, we may be able to place your final crowns or bridges during the very same visit so you leave the same day with a complete and functional smile. The best way to find out the right process for you is to come in for a free dental implant consultation with one of our esteemed clinicians. Think of it this way, what do you have to lose – other than your bad teeth?

We Offer Everything You Need :

Dr. Elahwal not only offers implant placement and restorations in one office for your convenience, but our team also offers all the related services you may need in order to qualify for dental implants here too. If you have lost jawbone density due to not replacing your missing teeth right away or from gum disease, you may not have enough to successfully support a dental implant. Don’t worry. We can restore the integrity of your jawbone through bone grafting techniques and ensure your implant is placed in a solid foundation. If you have decayed teeth that cannot be saved through root canal therapy, we can perform a tooth extraction before replacing them with dental implants – often in the very same day. Feeling anxious about your procedure? We provide IV sedation and other types of anesthesia and sedation services in our modern facility to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. We do everything we can to improve your health and complete your smile, all while ensuring the process to get there is as easy and comfortable as possible.

Q What are dental implants?

Dental implants permanently replace an entire natural tooth. They’re made up of three parts: a titanium post comparable to a tooth root; a natural-looking and strong dental crown; and an abutment, which connects the post and crown. During the surgical phase, the post is inserted into the jawbone and allowed to fuse and heal over several months. The restorative phase includes creating and attaching the dental crown to the implant. We’ll complete all these phases conveniently at our Brooklyn, NY office.

Q Does dental implant placement hurt?

Most, if not all, of our patients report that they experience minimal discomfort during dental implant placement. To ensure your comfort we offer sedation dentistry during every surgery. Additionally, our dentists offer custom IV sedation, which will let you “sleep” peacefully through your implant surgery. What’s more, our guided implant surgery technology helps us precisely plan your surgery, so we complete it with great accuracy and efficiency. This minimally invasive protocol reduces post-operative discomfort, too.

Q If my jawbone is unhealthy can I still get dental implants?

Yes, while significant bone loss makes it unsafe to place implants initially, we provide personalized bone grafting to rebuild the density, height, and width of your bone. This will ensure your candidacy for dental implants and a successful surgery.

Q What is the price of dental implants?

The cost of dental implants is determined by your unique oral health needs. This includes how many teeth you’re missing, and any prerequisite procedures we may have to complete, such as tooth extractions and bone grafting. Drs. Elahwal and Charles will be able to accurately determine your specific cost at your complimentary consultation at our Brooklyn, NY office.

Q How do I maintain my dental implants?

Dental implants require the same oral hygiene care as normal teeth. Brush and floss daily and be sure to schedule your twice-yearly checkups at our Brooklyn, NY office.

Q Are dental implants the best tooth replacement option?

Many tooth replacement options exist today, including flippers, partials, dental bridges, and dentures. However, none of these provide the permanent health and functional benefits that dental implants do. Dental implants are fixed in your jaw, giving you the same look, feel, and function as healthy natural teeth! For most patients, they are the ideal tooth replacement option.

Q How can I find out if dental implants are right for me?

Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Elahwal or Dr. Charles in our Brooklyn, NY office today! They’ll help you determine if dental implants are your best choice for replacing missing teeth.

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