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Emergency Treatment of Broken Tooth at Gum Level featuring ZERAMEX XT 3.5

Emergency Treatment banner your desired smile

Emergency treatment after patient broke the tooth at gum level​. The case was conducted by Dr. Luis A Alicea & Dr. Luis F. Alicea at Your Desired Smile, Tampa, Florida

Meeting High Esthetic Demands featuring ZERAMEX XT

Meeting High Esthetic Demands

This case report demonstrates the straightforward surgical and restorative protocol for the ZERAMEX XT Implant. This treatment option has proven valuable in cases where the doctor wishes to provide the optimal esthetic solution, particularly in anterior cases with thin gingival biotype, where titanium implants often produce a gray shadowing.

Life transformation with guided Ceramic Implants by Dr. Luis A. Alicea

Dr. Alicea case 8 and 6

Social Media Case Report posted on LinkedIn by Dr. Luis Alicea – Your Desired Smile – All on-8 on the upper arch & All on-6 on the lower arch with guided ceramic implants

Seven guided ZERAMEX ceramic implant by Dr. Luis A Alicea

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Social Media Case Report posted on Facebook by Dr. Luis Alicea – Your Desired Smile – Seven guided ZERAMEX Zirconia Implants placed

ESTHETIC REHABILITATION with Zirconia Dental Implant on a Complex Pathology Patient | Luis A. Alicea DMD, MSD

Dental fear and anxiety are constant worldwide. The dental fear, pain and anxiety have a direct impact on the dental health of the odontophobia patient. The majority of patients with dental fear had a traumatic experience during childhood.

Placing ZERAMEX® P6 metal-free Zirconia Dental Implant


Social Media Case Report posted last February 27, 2019. Dr. Joseph Sarkissian used the Galileos CBCT to plan the oral surgery. He used the metal-free Swiss-made ZERAMEX® P6 Zirconia Dental Implant and gym displacement procedure.

ZERAMEX® P6 Implant Placement

ZERAMEX® P6 Implant Placement

ZERAMEX® P6 implants in site # 46-47 to replace failed endodontically treated teeth. The crowns are veneered zirconia – screwed in with VICARBO® Carbon Fiber Screws – 100% metal-free and cement free!

Jerry Jones with Michael Foley on the Benefits of Ceramic Implants

Jerry Jones

The implant market now is exploding, and the demand for ceramic implants are increasing. Tune in to the podcast and learn about the brief history of implants and the difference of titanium and ceramic implants as discussed by Michael Foley.

Implant Tribune

Spotlight on ZERAMEX®XT for the month of April 2020