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Zirconia Dental Implants vs Titanium Implants

When looking for replacement teeth, there are a lot of factors to consider. Due to increasing interest in holistic medicine and the concern of putting anything synthetic in our bodies, more and more patients are asking questions about the makeup of dental implants. For most patients, getting dental implants is a big step towards improving their oral health and so we understand that they want to make sure that they do the best thing for their bodies. Below, we will try to help answer your questions and in turn, help steer you towards the right decision. Zirconia vs Titanium implants – Which is right for you?

What Are Zirconia Implants?

When you lose a tooth, you need a dental implant to replace it. But, the material of that implant is important. Zirconia implants are a new and exciting technology to replace lost teeth. Yet, not many patients and dentists think of zirconium as a dental implant material. Here’s why you should choose zirconia to get the best results from your dental implant treatment.

ESTHETIC REHABILITATION with Zirconia Dental Implant on a Complex Pathology Patient | Luis A. Alicea DMD, MSD

Dental fear and anxiety are constant worldwide. The dental fear, pain and anxiety have a direct impact on the dental health of the odontophobia patient. The majority of patients with dental fear had a traumatic experience during childhood.

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