Unlocking the Aesthetic Puzzle: How Dr. John Garrett Mastered a Complex Anterior Zirconia Implant Case

zeramexusa_2023_ceramic implants_Unlocking the Aesthetic Puzzle How Dr. John Garrett Mastered a Complex Anterior Zirconia Implant Case

Unlocking the Aesthetic Puzzle: How Dr. John Garrett Mastered a Complex Anterior Zirconia Implant Case

ZERAMEX Implant placement by Dr. John Garrett


In an era where biological dentistry is gaining traction, patients often come equipped with detailed knowledge and specific requirements for their treatments. Such a case presented itself to Dr. John Garrett, who found himself at the intersection of aesthetic challenges and scientific innovation. This blog dives into how Dr. Garrett creatively solved a particularly demanding case involving an anterior zirconia implant.

The Stage: Defined by Patient Requirements

The patient, a young woman in her 20s, had her eyes set on ZERAMEX  zirconia implant to replace a missing anterior tooth. Rejecting traditional titanium options, she was keen on zirconia’s biocompatible attributes—its role as an electron donor rather than an electron recipient.

Initial Steps: Guided Implant Placement

To secure the implant’s initial placement, Dr. Garrett utilized an implant guide from Si-guide.com. With the guide’s help, he successfully addressed the patient’s focus on biocompatibility. But as the implant integrated over the next six months, an unexpected issue surfaced.

The Aesthetic Dilemma: A Receding Bone

Even though the implant had securely integrated, a slight recession in the surrounding bone posed an aesthetic challenge. Achieving a natural-looking tooth depends on its emergence profile, and in this case, that goal seemed unattainable. Removing and reseating the implant more apically could have extended the treatment time by another six to twelve months—an option neither Dr. Garrett nor the patient wanted to consider.

Flexibility with Zeramex Zirconia Dental Implant: The Innovative Approach

Here, the malleability of zirconia became the hero of the day. Collaborating with a specialized dental lab, Dr. Garrett and his team re-engineered the facial margin of the abutment. The team decided to extend it to sit atop the gingiva, closely mimicking the natural shape of the adjacent tooth. While this design might require extra cleaning effort from the patient, it successfully negated the need for additional surgeries or prolonged treatment.

Final Outcome: Satisfaction Achieved!

Following some color fine-tuning by the lab, the new zirconia tooth was installed. The patient’s delight with the outcome made it clear that a minor increase in daily hygiene was a small compromise for avoiding a complete do-over of the implant process.


Dr. John Garrett’s case serves as a paradigm in the realm of biological dentistry, illustrating the triumphs that can occur when medical professionals and labs collaborate to meet complex patient needs. It also shines a spotlight on the diverse applications and advantages of Zeramex zirconia implants, turning potential aesthetic challenges into outstanding solutions.

When considering the benefits of zirconia implants over titanium, this case stands as a compelling argument. It’s not merely about biological compatibility; it’s about the realm of possibilities that innovative thinking can unlock.


Dr. John Garrett
Health Roots Family Dentistry
6128 East 61st St. Tulsa, OK 74136
Phone: 918-982-6644

We’re lucky to have Dr. John Garrett, with his extensive dental education, on our staff. Here in our office, he does everything he can to give our patients the safest and most effective treatment possible, while also ensuring that every visit is comfortable.

Dr. Garrett is a Tulsa native. After graduation he attended the University of Oklahoma for his undergraduate degree and later returned for OU’s College of Dentistry, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) accreditation and became a member of the ADA.

Three years later, he met the love of his life, Dr. Kristen Smith. Dr. Kristen is a chiropractor who, along with many other doctors in her family, has a deep interest in whole-body health.

This piqued Dr. Garrett’s curiosity, and began his journey into the world of holistic dentistry.

Since then, he has worked with his wife and her family in a committed effort to not only address the dental needs of his patients but to help them make deeper connections between their oral health and overall wellness. He diligently researches procedures and materials that will effectively treat patients with the smallest biological impact possible. As part of that process, he has become an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).

Outside of work, Dr. Garrett has many talents. He is a skilled carpenter, and actually spent several years doing home repair and remodeling. He also loves spending time with his family, especially with his new baby girl.

Zeramex Zirconia Implant Systems

At the forefront of ceramic dental implants stands the Zeramex Zirconia Implant Systems, a pioneering innovation in the field. Crafted from high-quality zirconia, a biocompatible and non-metallic material that has undergone extensive research and testing for dental applications, these implants offer unmatched reliability and performance.

The Zeramex Zirconia Implant Systems present a diverse range of implant designs, ensuring precise adaptation to each patient’s unique dental anatomy. With exceptional versatility, dentists can address various clinical cases, from single-tooth replacements to full-arch restorations.

Furthermore, the Zeramex implants feature advanced surface technology that promotes rapid osseointegration, leading to expedited healing and reduced recovery times. Patients can relish the benefits of their new smiles much sooner than with traditional implants.

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