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ZERAMEX® P6 offers great flexibility with its threaded connection and ceramic abutments.



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ZERAMEX® P6 offers great flexibility with its reversible threaded connection and ceramic abutments. The lean, uncomplicated portfolio offers many options to choose from.
> Monolithic crowns and bridges made of various optimised plastics or zirconium dioxide
> All-ceramic crowns and bridges made of layering or pressed ceramic on a zirconium dioxide cap
Different shoulder heights and angles make it possible to find the correct abutment in every case for an aesthetically demanding, 100% metal-free individual-tooth restoration.



The ZERAMEX® P6 implant system offers various abutments for optimal anchoring of an implant-supported full denture in an edentulous jaw.The ZERAMEX® Locator®[81] is used for securely fixing a full denture on implants. The various retention inserts with different retention forces facilitate individual restoration.NOTE: The Locator®[81] abutments are bonded into the dental implant. The straight or angled prefabricated abutments are suitable for bars and telescopes.



The ZERAMEX® healing cap, gingiva former and temporary abutment help to achieve the desired shape of the peri-implant soft tissue after the healing phase. The gingiva formers are available in two heights. The temporary abutment made of PEEK allows individual temporary restoration.


ZERAMEX® P6 Connection



A decisive further development of the ZERAMEX® P6 system is the precision connection that is created in combination with the carbon fibre reinforced VICARBO® screw. This minimises bacterial deposits.
The correct, permanent fit of the screw-retained abutment promotes the long-term success of the treatment. This screwed ceramic-ceramic connection is a precision, stress-free fit.
Easy abutment positioning :
> The hexagonal indexing ensures reliable protection against rotation and easy and safe positioning of the abutment.
> The high-strength zirconium dioxide P6 abutment (ZrO2-ATZ-HIP) lies precisely on the implant shoulder.
Secure retention and simple handling:
> Hexagonal indexing for optimum flexibility and reliable protection against rotation.

zeramex xt screw retained connection


The new carbon-ceramic technology provides exceptionally high strength. The core is the VICARBO® screw made of reinforced, high perfromance carbon fiber threads.
It is characterised by excellent isoelastic properties and demonstrates clear strengths: It is metal-free, biocompatible according to ISO 10993 for long-term implants and nestles into the given contour.
This is also proven by the technical values:
> Modulus of elasticity: 110 GPa.
> Bending strength: Greater than 1.100 MPa.
> Tensile strength: 2.000 MPa (comparison: Grade 5 titanium: 1.000 MPa).
The continuous carbon fibres running parallel to the mould durably absorb the tensile forces and give the VICARBO® screw its high strength.




The ZERAMEX® P6 ceramic implant is based on a design that represents one of the most scientifically documented implant systems and is characterised by a low loss rate.
In practice, the ZERAMEX® P6 ceramic implant has proven to be an easy and efficient ceramic implant to work with. It is placed with a similar surgical protocol to the Straumann® Standard Plus dental implant. ZERAMEX® is offered with its own instrument kit. A special transfer part (pickup) for insertion and a prosthetic key are required.
The implants are available in three endosseous diameters (3.3; 4.1; 4.8 mm) and two prosthetic platforms (4.0; 4.8 mm).


The ZERAFIL™ surface is a micro-structured implant surface that enables decisive osseointegration of the dental implants.
The success rate of ZERAMEX® implants with a ZERAFIL™ surface is approx. 98.0 percent, depending on the system, and bears witness to the decisive osseointegration thanks to the optimum surface structure. The hydrophilic implant surface ZERAFIL™ is sandblasted and etched so that osteoblasts grow directly up to the implant and firm adhesion to the implant surface is achieved.


ZERAMEX®P6 System overview

The system for all common indications, including single-tooth restorations and partially edentulous or edentulous jaws

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