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This is the congress of the year for metal-free implantology

The ZERAMEX Congress held in Zurich, Switzerland in 2023 was exciting, enriching, and motivating.


Adrian Hunn, CEO of Dentalpoint and host of the Zeramex Congress, expressed his satisfaction with the press coverage of the event. He emphasized that high-performance ceramic implants will not play a secondary role in the future of dentistry, but will be essential, and that the positive feedback from the congress confirmed that they are on the right track.

The congress provided an opportunity for experts in the field of dentistry to come together, share their knowledge and experience, and discuss the latest advances in technology and techniques. The success of the event and the positive feedback from attendees suggest that it was a valuable learning experience and a worthwhile investment for those who participated.

31 March - 1 April 2023 | Hotel Sorell Zürichberg, Zurich, Switzerland

It surely was an unforgettable experience for dental professionals!

In a picturesque location with a view of the Zürichberg, the Swiss ceramic implant manufacturer Dentalpoint AG offered the opportunity to dive deep into the innovative world of metal-free implantology at the Zeramex Congress. Under the motto “The future: Natural, white and digital”, the Zeramex Congress underscored why implants made of high-performance ceramics can now set their own standards in dentistry. The combination of scientific lectures and practical insights met with a great response.

High biological compatibility, low plaque affinity and excellent red-white aesthetics mean that ceramic implants are of great importance in dentistry. Due to the growing number of clinical studies and the convincing results in practice, interest among users is constantly increasing. With its completely metal-free, two-piece and reversibly screwable Zeramex XT implant system, Zeramex focuses on maximum user-friendliness.

Top speakers and hands-on workshops

Exciting lectures and breakout sessions on metal-free implantology formed the core of the congress. Renowned experts in metal-free implantology gave an insight into their extensive experience in the practical application of ceramic implants. At the beginning, the participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the practical work in the breakout sessions, to familiarize themselves with the Zeramex XT implant system and its digital workflow, or to further their education in modern patient management and dental photography.

The congress lectures were opened by Dr. Jens Tartsch, Congress President and President of the European Society for Ceramic Implantology (ESCI) with a lecture on the classification of ceramic implants in modern implantology and their growing importance for practice. The lecture by Dr. Tartsch an introduction to the range of topics of the two-day congress.

Again and again the focus of the lectures: the clinical evidence of ceramic implants in implantology practice. With their own studies, scientific findings and empirical values ​​from the application, the speakers discussed the state of research on ceramic implants and the evidence for the function in practice. The speakers showed that ceramic implants can keep up with implants made of titanium in many criteria and even set their own standards in others – for example the risk of peri-implantitis and red-white esthetics.

Insights for the future of implantology

In addition to clinical evidence and practical experience with ceramic implants, the congress also offered exciting insights into important topics related to implantology. In the lecture by Dr. Joseph Choukroun, inventor of the PRF techniques, the participants were able to gain insights into osteoimmunology and were shown important reference points for soft tissue management in implantology, especially with ceramic implants. In his lecture, master dental technician Wolfgang Weisser highlighted the role of Zeramex implants in dental technology and showed their diverse possibilities in dental practice. And finally, Dr. Gerd Wirtz with his keynote lecture on the medicine of the future an outlook on the development, that artificial intelligence will play for practitioners and patients and thus inspired a spontaneous keynote speech by the US dentist Dr. Shepard Delong, who was able to show how a state-of-the-art robot supports him in his implantology work in his practice.

Full lectures and lively discussions afterwards, collegial exchange and lasting learnings characterized the Zeramex Congress. Adrian Hunn, CEO of Dentalpoint and host of the Zeramex Congress, was consistently satisfied: “With the Zeramex Congress, we once again emphasized that implants made of high-performance ceramics will not play a minor role in the future of dentistry, but will be an essential part of it. The great feedback on the congress has confirmed that we are on the right track.”

The conclusion of the congress

  • The scientific data on two-piece ceramic implants come and show very good results: According to the study presented by Dr. dr Thomas Mehnert (examination of 580 two-piece ceramic implants, including 410 ceramic implants of the Zeramex XT type), the survival rate of two-piece Zeramex implants before prosthetics is 98.3%. The implants made of high-performance ceramics should be used more consciously, taking into account the indication and the scientifically proven advantages such as aesthetics and remedy for metal intolerance. A two-piece implant made of ATZ BIO-HIP ceramic can be advantageous, particularly in the case of a difficult bony initial situation
  • Also PD Dr. dr In his retrospective follow-up examination of 36 two-piece zirconium dioxide implants after a mean time of loading of 24 months, Gahlert found that the success rate was 97.3% and that there was no peri-implantitis or mucositis
  • University in-vitro studies lead to the conclusion that the thermomechanical load has no negative influence on the fracture strength of the two-part ceramic implant and that the two-part zirconium dioxide implant is not inferior to the titanium implants in terms of stability for clinical use
  • More and more practices are working with the digital workflow and using individual solutions for highly aesthetic reconstructions – including monolithic crowns and bridges, where you can work completely without an adhesive gap

About the ZERAMEX Congress 2023 Speakers

zeramexusa_Dr Jens Tartsch
  • Degree in dentistry at the “Free University Berlin”, examination 1992
  • President and Member Board of Directors European Society for Ceramic Implantology – ESCI
  • Member of the Board of Swiss Society for Anti Aging Medicine and Prevention – SSAAMP
  • International educator and author for metal-free implantology and immunology in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Clinical studies on the immunology of titanium implants
  • Key aspects: immunology in dentistry, metal-free implantology and dentures, aesthetic dentistry

Member of:

  • SSO – Swiss Dental Society
  • Dental Society of Kanton Zürich, SSO
  • SGI – Swiss Society for Implantology
  • ESCI – European Society for Ceramic Implantology
  • EAO – European Association for Osseointegration
  • IAOCI – International Academy of Ceramic Implantology
  • ICOI – International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • DEGUZ – German Society for Environmental Dental Medicine
  • SSAAMP – Swiss Society for Anti Aging Medicine and Prevention
  • SGDMFR – Swiss Society  for dentomaxillofazial Radiology

Dental Clinic Dr. Jens Tartsch
Kreuzstrasse 2
CH-8802 Kilchberg/ZH

phone  +41 (0)44 715 48 77
Fax       +41 (0)44 715 48 66
[email protected]

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zeramexusa_Dr Michael Gahlert
  • 1985 degree in dentistry in Freiburg
  • Assistant doctor at the University Clinic Freiburg in maxillofacial surgery until 1990
  • Specialist in oral surgery
  • self-employed since 1990 in own practice in Munich
  • since 2011 research assistant at the university hospital in Basel at the high-tech research center
  • 2017 habilitation process in Basel
  • 2018 Habilitation in Basel for the subject “experimental surgery”
  • 2019 Guest professorship at the Sigmund Freund University in Vienna, Department of Oral Surgery
  • ongoing national and international publications and lectures
  • Michael Gahlert is married and father of 2 children

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zeramexusa_Dr Thomas Franke

Dr. med. Thomas Franke is a licensed physician and dentist as well as a specialist for oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Franke has many years of experience and extensive interdisciplinary knowledge, which he skilfully combines and combines into a holistic treatment approach.

During his career, Dr. Franke has acquired a great deal of interdisciplinary knowledge, which he continues to expand today. This extensive range of knowledge and interdisciplinary interest is also reflected in his degrees, further training and memberships:

  • licensed physician
  • licensed dentist
  • Specialist for oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • certified physician for aesthetic botulinum therapy
  • Member of the German Society for Aesthetic Botulinum Toxin Therapy (DGBT)
  • Member of the German Society for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery (DGMKG)
  • certified member of the European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery (EACMFS)
  • successful participation in the Curriculum Environmental Dentistry of the German Society for Environmental Dentistry (DEGUZ)

Over the years, his holistic approach has enabled him to develop a concept that enables biological, sustainable and effective treatment.

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zeramexusa_Dr Joseph Choukroun

Dr. Choukroun studied medicine in Montpellier, spent five years as a surgeon, then as an anesthesiologist, then as a pain specialist. With the help of Dr. Schleicher, he proposed the first PRF protocol. In 2003, he organized the first SYFAC. He is a tireless lecturer throughout the world and the author of numerous articles in the most prestigious journals.

  • Diploma: Medicine 1979.
    University of Montpellier, France
  • Anestesiology 1981.
    University de Montpellier, France)
  • Study of Management of Pain 1986.
    University of Strasbourg, France
  • Chief of Staff: Pain therapy Center.
  • Inventor of the PRF® technique. “Platelet Rich Fibrin” (autologous platelet growths factors)
  • President of the Syfac congress: International Symposium on Growth Factors www.syfac.com -International speaker

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Dr. med. dent., Specialist in Reconstructive Dentistry, Swiss Society of Reconstructive Dentistry

Clinical Specialisations

  • Specialist in Reconstructive Dentistry (SSRD)

  • MAS in Oral Implantology (University of Zurich)

  • WBA in General Dentistry (SSO)

Treatment focuses

  • Fixed prosthodontics

  • Implants

  • Esthetic dentistry

  • Full-mouth rehabilitation of complex prosthetics cases

Research Interests

  • Treatment focuses

  • Fixed and removable tooth and implant supported reconstructions

  • Implant dentistry (with main focus on ceramic implants)

  • All-ceramic reconstructions

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zeramexusa_Dr Ralf J. Kohal

Prof. Dr. RJ Kohal, born in 1961, studied dentistry in Freiburg, Germany from 1984 to 1989 and received his Dr. medical dent. from the same university.

From 1990 to 1993 he worked as an assistant in the prosthetics department of the University Dental Clinic in Freiburg.

From 1993 to 1995 he was a visiting assistant professor at the University of Texas in Houston, USA.

Since 1995 he has been Senior Physician at the Clinic for Dental Prosthodontics at the Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg, Germany and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas, Houston, USA.

1996 Appointment to Academic Council, 1998 Appointment to Academic Senior Council, 2001 Appointment to Academic Director and Deputy Medical Director. 1998 qualification as “specialist” of the German Society for Prosthetic Dentistry and Biomaterials eV

2002 habilitation and appointment as private lecturer. 2002 Certification for the main focus on implantology by the implantology consensus conference. 2003 Certification of speaker work on the main focus of activity on implantology by the consensus conference on implantology.

2005 Awarded the title “Extraordinary Professor” from the University of Freiburg.

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ZTM Wolfgang Weisser Essingen, DE

1977 dental assistant
1980 retraining as a dental technician
1982-1995 Dental technician in various laboratories
1995 master school and examination in Freiburg
1996-2000 Head of Applications Technology Williams/Ivoclar
1996 Specialty Training on Alloys in USA
1996 Apprenticeship and start of dental photography with Hans Prassler
1996 Founding of GÄF – Zahntechnik in Essingen
1997 Special training in all-ceramics in Lichtenstein
1999 Founding of the rental company, Iris and Wolfgang Weisser
2000 managing director partner of GÄF -Zahntechnik GmbH
2000 owner, consulting company CTB -Zirkel Business advice and support
2000 Specialist editor and consultant for “das dentallabor” Verlag Neuer Merkur, Munich
2000 Freelance lecturer for dental photography and presentation technology
2000 photo trainer dental
2002 Chairman and member of the jury 2003 and 2007 the “Golden Parallelometer” and aligner
2002 Member of the MPA in HK Stuttgart
2005 member of the GPA in the ZIW
2007 Lecturer at the Federal Master School in Stuttgart
2008 Management: Industriekommunikation Verlag Neuer Merkur GmbH
2009 Advisor to the Board of ProLab
2009 Professional press work of all kinds. Creation of high-quality specialist articles

To view his full CV, click here
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ZTM Daniel Sandmair München, DE
  • 2004 – 2007 Training as a dental technician in the Sandmair dental laboratory, passing through various locations
  • 2007 Successful completion of training
  • 2007 Foundation of Sandmair Zahntechnik GmbH
  • 2007 shareholder of Sandmair Zahntechnik GmbH
  • 2008 Opening of the Munich location
  • 2011 Founding of Sandmair Zahntechnik GmbH – The Digital Solution in Friedberg
  • 2011 Entry into digitization, intraoral scanner
  • 2014 – 2015 Completion of the master’s examination
  • 2015 Takeover of laboratory management in Munich
  • 2020 Founding of DentDays GmbH, CEO

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The ZERAMEX Congress is an annual event in Zurich, Switzerland - the home of ZERAMEX Metal-free Zirconia Dental Implants. Join us in the next one! For more information, reach us through the information listed below:


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