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Upgrade your kit with all the tools you need for the 3.5 Cosmetic Implant. Buy FIVE (5) ZERAMEX Implants and  get the 3.5 Profile Drill Extension and the 3.5 Zeratap FOR FREE!

ZERAMEX XT - 3.5 diameter

As a Nobel Pearl user, we value your commitment to providing metal-free implant solutions for your patients. The Nobel Pearl Zirconia Implant system is compatible with ZERAMEX XT, as Dentalpoint AG registered trademark ZERAMEX® is the manufacturer.

Utilizing breakthrough manufacturing technology, Dentalpoint AG is the developer of the first completely metal-free two-piece bone level implant system with internal connection that is not dependent on cement. Screw-retained with an innovative metal-free screw, the two-piece nature of the system means that clinicians can treat patients with a zirconia implant using protocols similar to those they are familiar with for traditional implants. It also offers greater restorative flexibility compared with existing one-piece or cement-retained ceramic implant options.

Founded in 2005 by Swiss entrepreneur, Jürg Bolleter, Dentalpoint AG set pioneering standards in the segment of dental medical implants. The registered trademark ZERAMEX® represents an aesthetic and metal-free all-ceramic implant system that addresses a growing patient need and desire.

Many implant companies invest their research and marketing in titanium implants. At ZERAMEX, we leave the titanium to them, we are the experts in Zirconia!  We focus our efforts and resources on the research and  development of Zirconia implants only!

Watch this quick  video between The Ceramic Implant Guy, Michael Foley and ZERAMEX CEO Adrian Hunn as they lay down the difference between Dentalpoint, ZERAMEX and Nobel Biocare:

Upgrade your Nobel Biocare Pearl Implant Surgical Kit, with all the tools you need to add THE COSMETIC IMPLANT to your implant practice! Buy Five (5) ZERAMEX Implants and get the 3.5 Profile Drill Extension and the 3.5 Zeratap for FREE!

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ZERAMEX is THE Zirconia Implant Manufacturer!

  • The Nobel Pearl Zirconia Implant system surgical kit is compatible with ZERAMEX XT. Your existing kit with drills to place the 4.2mm and 5.5mm implant are compatible with our implants, call us today to upgrade your kit with the two drills needed to place the 3.5mm cosmetic implant!
  • ZERAMEX will always be first in market innovations regarding these Two-piece, metal-free Zirconia Implant systems.
  • ZERAMEX recently released our latest product – ZERAMEX XT 3.5 – The Cosmetic Implant
  • Placing an ALL-ON-FOUR case? We have the locators you need!
  • There are a lot of things to look forward to, and are in the works – Scan body abutments, digital workflow, ZiBase (similar to TiBase), custom abutments, and many more!

Customer Support

  • For 15 years, ZERAMEX has been working to evolve the two-piece zirconia implant system. We value your commitment to providing metal-free implant solutions for your patients!
  • At ZERAMEX we pride ourselves in supporting the doctor and their patients with their application of zirconia implants. We are equipped to provide you with the support and knowledge you need to make zirconia implants a successful service in your practice, at a competitive cost to you!
  • We will facilitate product training for you and your staff, and are always available to assist you with your surgical and restorative questions. Call us at 786-622-2016.


  • At ZERAMEX we offer a “Find-A-Dentist” feature on our website; where we promote all of our ZERAMEX dentists, which assists patients in finding YOU! Many doctors are receiving referrals with this service. As a customer of ZERAMEX you are able to tailor your landing page with the information you want patients to know about you and your practice.
  • We offer city-to-city hands-on training courses for our doctors throughout the year, check out the events page on our website: zeramexusa.com/events
  • We provide free in-office marketing such as patient flyers and macromodel of the Zirconia Implant Systems
  • We value your patients as much as you do! At ZERAMEX, we are constantly developing marketing materials that are patient driven to better educate them. We are in the works of providing a patient portal on our website that educates your patients on Zirconia implants.


  • ZERAMEX USA offers the same implant system and is competitively priced.
  • Call us today at 786-622-2016 to hear more about how ZERAMEX can assist you with providing the best possible products, prices and services to you and your patients!
    We look forward to speaking with you!

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