Lunch & Learn With Zeramex

Let us assist your entire team to be confident educating and interacting in patient conversations about zirconia implants and treatment plans


Teamwork makes the Dream work!

As a  leading innovator of metal-free zirconia implant-based surgical solutions. We would like to invite you and your team to join us for a virtual 45-minute “Lunch and Learn” event on the latest advancements in Zirconia dental  implant technology.

Call us at 786-622-2016 to sign up and get your whole office involved in the patient conversations about zirconia implants. Provided as a virtual meeting via Google Meet or Zoom we will deliver lunch to you and to your staff, and discuss the following important topics:

  • A brief history of zeramex
  • Our unique production process and quality standards
  • Zirconia as a biomaterial
  • Patient conversations and applications about zirconia 
  • Features of the system and an insight as to what is coming with zeramex
  • Patient education tips for pre and post surgery

The virtual event will be held at a time based on your best availability. 

We believe that this event will be a valuable opportunity for you and your staff to review information with one of our Zirconia Dental Implant experts that will help your team confidently have conversations chairside about this as a treatment option.

Call Michael, The Ceramic Implant Guy, or Erika at 786-622-2016 to schedule a day and time.

Call us today at 786-622-2016!