Zeramex XT - reversible screw-retained and 100% metal-free

The Zeramex XT boasts maximum prosthetic flexibility, thanks to an unlimited range and digital workflow.

Zeramex® XT Ceramic Implant System

Zeramex® XT Surgery



The Zeramex XT dental implant belongs to the family of two-piece and 100% metal-free Zeramex ceramic implants. It offers maximum prosthetic flexibility, thanks to reversible screw-in connection and an unlimited range - particularly in the anterior area.



The Zeramex XT ceramic implant offers three different platforms (SB / RB / WB) in lengths of 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm and is particularly suitable for anterior restorations, thanks to its small diameter and digital workflow.

The Zeramex XT ceramic implant is placed 1.6 mm supracrestal, but can optionally be placed deeper (up to 0.6 mm supracrestal). The cylindrical-conical design of the implant thread was developed to achieve high primary stability. The reservoir for bone grafts at the implant tip simplifies the placement of the implant.



The Zeramex XT ceramic implant is manufactured from hard zirconium oxide ATZ blanks manufactured by hot isostatic pressing. No thermal process (sintering) or post-processing takes place after the final shaping of the outer and inner geometry of the implant. This ensures that no further changes can occur in the material structure. This manufacturing process is very complex, requires a great deal of experience and expertise and enables a high shaping accuracy and precision in the manufacture of the implant.

Do you require any further information regarding the Zeramex XT implant system? Click here for the user instructions:

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The Zerafil surface is a micro-structured implant surface that enables decisive osseointegration of the dental implants.

The success rate for the Zeramex XT implants used with the Zerafil surface is 98%, and bears witness to the decisive osseointegration thanks to an optimum surface structure.The hydrophilic implant surface Zerafil (surface treatment up to a collar height of 0.6 mm) is sandblasted and etched so that osteoblasts can grow directly up to the dental implant and firm adhesion to the implant surface can be achieved4.

Clinical application of zirconia implants: Results from comparative studies, Dr Elisabeth Jacobi-Gresser

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Zeramex® XT Connection

four prauls

«Bolt-In-Tube» internal connection

The four cross-shaped retentive elements provide an ideal transmission of torque when inserting the implant, allowing the dental implant to be screwed into the bone without stress peaks. This unique internal connection ensures a precise and prosthetically flexible restoration.


Four tips for even more precision

The special geometry with the four tips enables high precision and fast and easy insertion and alignment of the abutment. All abutments are designed with the four tips, including the Zerabase and 'unengaged' Zerabase X abutments for bridge restorations.

zeramex xt screw retained connection

Vicarbo technology

The core of the connection is the Vicarbo screw.

It works like a bolt, which anchors the abutment in the implant. The extremely hard ceramic is combined with a very stiff, carbon fibre-reinforced high-performance PEEK polymer. Similar to reinforced concrete, the ceramic absorbs the compressive forces, while the Vicarbo screw counteracts tensile forces.


Zeramex® XT Prosthetics


Soft Tissue Management

The ZERAMEX® healing cap, gingiva former and temporary abutment help to achieve the desired shape of the peri-implant soft tissue after the healing phase.

The gingiva formers are available in two heights (3 mm/4 mm). The secondary temporary abutment made of PEEK allows individual temporary restoration.

zeramex xt healing abutments

Restoration - standard

The range of metal-free prosthetics is extensive and satisfies the stringent requirements with regard to aesthetics and functionality. The Zeramex XT implant, in combination with its various standard abutments, is ideal for nearly every situation.

The standard abutments are available for all three platforms (SB / RB / WB) with different shoulder heights and angles.

The Zeramex XT implant system is used for the following indications:

  • Individual tooth restorations
  • Bridge restoration using several implants
  • Bar restoration using several implants
  • Removable restoration in combination with Zermex Docklocs® abutments
  • Telescopic restorations


Restoration - adhesive base

Monolithic crowns and bridges can be made of various optimised plastics or zirconium oxide. By contrast, classic all-ceramic crowns and bridges are made of layering or pressed ceramic on a zirconium oxide cap.

Different Zerabase abutments and a digital workflow make it possible to find the correct abutment in every case for an aesthetically demanding, 100% metal-free restoration.

Zerabase X: The CADCAM alternative for laboratory and chairside

  • Shorter and more elegant design
  • Also enables larger angulations
  • Available for (SB / RB / WB)
  • Variable adjustment (engaged/unengaged)
  • Digital impression possible with Scanbody


Restoration - individual (Zeramex Digital Solutions)

The Zeramex XT ceramic implant offers three different platforms (SB / RB / WB) and is particularly suitable for highly aesthetic anterior restorations, thanks to a digital workflow and individual abutments.

Individual patient solutions at the click of a mouse

Would you like to offer your patients highly aesthetic anterior restorations, or do you have narrow spatial conditions to deal with?

  • Fully individualised gingiva former and abutments
  • Fully individualised monolithic crowns and bridges
  • Compatible with exocad and 3shape software
  • Tried-and-tested quality, made entirely and precisely of zirconium oxide


Processing and ordering – Learn more here

In addition to the production of customised abutments and monolithic crowns with Zeramex XT implant connections, the digital workflow from Zeramex offers you a service for processing your digital data or for the finishing of semi-finished blank restorations.

  • Individual ginigva former and abutments
  • Individual crowns in zirconium for Zerabase with or without screw holes
  • Monolithic crowns and bridges with implant connections (Cutback solution available)
  • Stain & glaze
  • 3D models

The restorations can be ordered in the various Vita shades and in different translucencies – now also as multilayers

Single-tooth restoration using an all-ceramic implant solution: Inserting a two-piece implant in the anterior region, Dr Thomas Mehnert

> Download case documentation free of charge

Do you have any questions regarding digital workflow or individual abutments? The Zeramex Digital Solutions competence centre would be happy to provide you with further information.

Zeramex Digital Solutions 00800 0400 1333
[email protected]

Restoration - Docklocs®

Zeramex Docklocs® is a pre-finished connection system to secure removable restorations based on a snap connection.

Zeramex Docklocs® abutments are available in three sizes (2 mm/3 mm/4 mm) and fit to all platforms (SB/RB/WB).


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