Reversible screwed and 100% metal-free

ZERAMEX® XT offers particularly high prosthetic flexibility thanks to its new internal connection.

ZERAMEX® XT Ceramic Implant System


zeramex xt implants and bridges


ZERAMEX® XT zirconia implants offer great flexibility with its reversible threaded connection and ceramic abutments. The lean, uncomplicated portfolio offers many options to choose from.Monolithic crowns and bridges made of various optimized plastics or zirconium dioxide All-ceramic crowns and bridges made of layering or pressed ceramic on a zirconium dioxide capDifferent shoulder heights and angles make it possible to find the correct abutment in every case for an aesthetically demanding, 100% metal-free individual-tooth restoration.

zeramex xt abutment options
zeramex xt zirconia vs titanium


The ZERAMEX® healing cap, gingiva former and temporary abutment help to achieve the desired shape of the peri-implant soft tissue after the healing phase. The gingiva formers are available in two heights. The temporary abutment made of PEEK allows individual temporary restoration.

zeramex xt healing abutments

ZERAMEX® XT Connection


The four cross-shaped retentive elements provide an ideal transmission of torque when inserting the implant, allowing the Zeramex XT dental implant to be screwed into the bone without stress peaks.


The special geometry with the four tips enables high precision and fast and easy insertion and alignment of the abutment.

zeramex xt screw retained connection


The heart of the connection is the VICARBO® metal free implant screw.It works like a bolt, which anchors the abutment into and onto the XT implant. The extremely hard ceramic zirconia is combined with a very stiff, carbon fibre-reinforced high-performance peek. In a way similar to reinforced concrete, the ceramic absorbs the compressive forces, while the VICARBO® screw counteracts tensile forces.


zeramex xt zirconia implants


The ZERAMEX® XT dental implant is the newest member of the family of two-piece, reversible-thread ZERAMEX® ceramic implants.The ZERAMEX® XT ceramic implant is placed 1.6 mm supracrestally (optionally up to 0.6 mm) and offers great prosthetic flexibility. The implant thread was developed to achieve high primary stability. The reservoir for bone chips at the implant tip simplifies the placement of the implant.The ZERAMEX® XT zirconia implant is manufactured from hard zirconium dioxide ATZ blanks manufactured by hot isostatic pressing. No thermal process (sintering) or post-processing takes place after the final shaping of the outer and inner geometry of the implant. This ensures that a high degree of precision is achieved and no further changes can occur in the material structure. This manufacturing process is very complex and requires a great deal of experience and know-how.


The ZERAFIL™ surface is a micro-structured metal free implant surface that enables decisive osseointegration of the dental implants.The success rate of ZERAMEX® ceramic implants with a ZERAFIL™ surface is between 96.7 and 98.5 percent, depending on the system, and bears witness to the decisive osseointegration thanks to the optimum surface structure. The hydrophilic implant surface ZERAFIL™ is sandblasted and etched so that osteoblasts can grow directly up to the dental implant and form a firm adhesion to the XT implant surface.

Root-Shaped ZERAMEX® XT Internal Screw-Retained Implant


The ZERAMEX® XT implant is the latest innovation of the family of two-piece, reversible screw-in ZERAMEX® ceramic implants. The root-shaped design of the ZERAMEX® XT implant achieves high primary stability, and high prosthetic flexibility is ensured thanks to the new internal connection.

The ZERAMEX® XT implant is made of hard and hot isostatic post-compacted (HIP) zirconium dioxide ATZ blanks. No thermal process (sintering) or finishing takes place after the final shaping of the external and internal implant geometry. This enables a high level of precision, and changes in the material structure are prevented. This manufacturing process is very complex and requires a great deal of experience and expertise.


Insert and seal the implant

xt implant insertion positions

1. Slowly screw the implant into the precut
drill hole.
Important: Never use the rescue pickup for

2. Tighten the implant with the ratchet.
Recommendation: 20–30Ncm.
Note: Torque is only exerted in the last two
rotations due to the conical design.

3. The arrows show the possible positions of
the angled abutment. Take this into account when
inserting the implant.

4. Close the implant with the healing cap. Use the pickup (XT36620/XT36625) or prosthetic wrench (XT38619/XT38623/ XT38628), and carefully tighten the healing cap (max. 5Ncm).

5a. Version 1: Closed healing

5b. Version 2: Open healing; note closely
adjacent gingiva.

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