With the Demo Box, you get the opportunity to practice step by step using all of the components of the ZERAMEX XT system. Using your own implant motor, you will prepare an osteotomy on a model according to the Zeramex XT drilling protocol with the complete Zeramex Surgical Kit (Ref XT48854). You will place an implant into the prepared osteotomy and feel the implant torquing to final position. Once placed, you evaluate all of the restorative components of the Zeramex XT system, impression material and tighten the final abutment using the world’s only metal-free Vicarbo Carbon Fiber screw, which counteracts tensile and bending forces. The Vicarbo screw  functions as a bolt which helps the abutment to be securely and quickly placed in the implant.

The Demo Box includes the full Zeramex surgical kit, the implants and all the parts and pieces of the system for your review including implants, abutments and impressions. It is a great opportunity to get your hands on actual Zeramex implant system and feel comfortable bringing ceramic implants into your practice.

As a new user, you can now receive the Zeramex Demo box for your review in your office or in the comfort of your home. We will ship to you for free! The address that is entered when you schedule will be the address that we ship to.

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Evaluation of the Zeramex Kit and Components is absolutely FREE!  We will include a return label to send the box and all of the parts, pieces and components back to us after the scheduled evaluation with our team. The manual and any printed info are yours to keep!

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Learn how to incorporate the Zeramex implant system in your practice!

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