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The Complete Cosmetic 2-Day Continuum | Zeramex Zirconia Implants | Oct 13-14, 2023

Event Objective:

Simplify cosmetic dentistry in your practice while delivering patient approved smile makeovers. Incorporating Ceramic implants and Veneers. Here’s your chance to explore the latest steps in the evolution of minimally invasive dentistry. Experience engaging hands-on training that will teach you effective case planning and how to produce the best outcome for your patients’ new smile.

  • The scientific differences between ceramic implants and titanium implants.
  • Data on integration success rates.
  • Case selection criteria including ideal tissue and bone volumes needed for success.
  • Prevention and management of complications.
  • Strategic tooth reduction to make complex and combination cases simple.
  • Simplify challenging alignment, asymmetrical arch and other complex cases.
  • Soft-tissue laser therapy to achieve complete esthetic gingival shape.

Day 1: Zirconia Implant Day

  • Have you considered a Zirconia implant in a High Value Esthetic Case?
  • Why does the tissue ALWAYS look better around a Zirconia implant?
  • Do you have a clear predictable plan to incorporate a cosmetic implant into your practice?

    This is the course to attend!

    LIVE observation – you get to see a Zirconia implant placed…not just the same old tabletop exercise!

Day 2: Veneer Preparation Day

  • Guided Veneer Preparations
  • From Clinical photography for case acceptance to how to make the perfect ’Trial Smile’ mock-up
  • Practice responsible esthetics with preparations that are 100% pre-planned
  • The use of Lab fabricated reduction templates for a ‘guided’ approach
  • Bonding protocol for predictable results
  • Fabricate full-arch veneer temps in less than 5 minutes

About the Instructors

For any questions or concerns, you may contact us at: 786.622.2016