ZERAMEX wants to help you attract Zirconia patients to your practice

Zeramex Ceramic implants offer the highest level of aesthetics in a system that functions surgically and restorative like a traditional metal implant.

Free Patient Education Material

Receive a 1:6 scale MacroModel of the ZERAMEX XT Ceramic Implants.

Model includes:

All come with a convenient stand for in office demonstration.
We will also be including Front Office Patient Education materials.

We have UPGRADED our website and have included a FIND-A-DENTIST feature! We are offering a FREE listing for all active ZERAMEX® clients.

The concept is to educate patients on the benefits of Ceramic Implants and the ZERAMEX® System. We have already started a free page on our website to provide more information about your practice and services. Other companies charge Thousands of Dollars for this service, but we are offering this to you for FREE!

Fill up the form and set-up your page! For more information on other special offers we might have, please feel free to call or email us! We’ll be happy to help!

Call us at 786.622.2016


Learn more about Zeramex

Aesthetic, lively, high-quality: ZERAMEX new brand presence underlines its positioning as THE partner for ceramic implants. The new look clearly expresses the brand DNA. Whenever people come into contact with the brand, we want to make our claim “naturally, white implants” tangible.

The new presentation illustrates the innovation of metal-free implantology, the high quality, Swiss quality and of course the highly aesthetic solutions for the patient. ZERAMEX positions itself as the specialist and partner for ceramic implants. That’s why we work closely with our clients, in the spirit of being able to offer the absolute best solution to the patient. So our customers were an important part of ZERAMEX’ re-positioning. Positioning was based on three pillars: ZERAMEX vision for metal-free implantology, market analysis and feedback from our customers.

A new graphic element is the X-ray in pink, so we dive into the world of our customers, the dentists. Further, the focus is on the presentation of the natural, white dental implant. The feedback from our customers has clearly indicated that we need to retain the color pink as a recognition feature. This was then combined with a focus on quality and aesthetics.


Want to know more about Zeramex?
Email us at [email protected] with your contact details and we will get in touch with you!


Click here to download the Zeramex sales brochure

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