A Decade of Success: Zeramex Ceramic Implant Delivers Stable Results for Function and Aesthetics

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“10 years follow-up of Zeramex ceramic implant therapy: functional and aesthetic results remain stable over time.”

Zeramex Ceramic Implant Therapy: Proven to Provide Aesthetic and Functional Results That Stand the Test of Time

In her 10-Year Follow-Up of Zeramex Ceramic Implant Therapy: Aesthetic and Functional Results That Stand the Test of Time, Dr. Elisabeth Jacobi-Gresser presents the impressive long-term results of Zeramex ceramic implant therapy.

Zeramex ceramic implants are an innovative type of dental implant made from zirconia, a strong and biocompatible ceramic material. One of the main benefits of Zeramex implants is that they are metal-free, making them a suitable option for patients with metal allergies or sensitivities. In addition, the biocompatibility of zirconia means that it is well-tolerated by the body and has a low risk of causing irritation or rejection.

The results of the follow-up showed that the aesthetic and functional results of the implant therapy remained stable over a decade of time. The study showed that the Zeramex implants had a high survival rate over the 10-year period. This suggests that Zeramex ceramic implants are a durable and long-lasting treatment option for patients seeking to replace missing teeth.

The study highlights the effectiveness and durability of Zeramex ceramic implants, as well as their metal-free and biocompatible nature, making them a valuable treatment option for patients missing one or more teeth. The fact that tissue loves zirconia further adds to the appeal of Zeramex implants as a safe and effective treatment option.

About the Doctor

Dr. Elisabeth Jacobi-Gresser

Dr. med. dent. Elisabeth Jacobi-Gresser

Dr. Jacobi-Gresser obtained her Doctor of Dental Medicine diploma from Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Germany. She received advanced training in oral surgery at University of Mainz achieving specialty status in Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology.  She is a member of the examination committee in Oral Surgery in Mainz. Dr. Jacobi-Gresser has furthered her knowledge of medicine by pursuing continued education in homeopathy, applied kinesiology, 

traditional Chinese medicine, environmental medicine and environmental dental medicine. She has conducted and published research on the immunological aspects of odontology and the role of genetic markers associated with periodontitis and implant failure. She practices in partnership with Dr. Peter Gresser in Mainz, Germany.


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