A Symbiosis of 2 Avantgardist Trends In Dentistry

A Symbiosis of 2 Avantgardist Trends In Dentistry

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Digitalization opens the doors to a new chapter in dentistry. The Digital Dentistry Society International is an interna national society spread in 60 countries with the mission to be the reference, validation and educational platform in digital dentistry

Biological treatment and digital workflows are 2 parallel trends in implant dentistry.

In the USA, DDS is partnering with the AOCI, spreading the digital technologies, science and education in connection with ceramic implants and restorations.

The “metal-free” trend has long been apparent starting with crowns and bridge prosthesis and by extension is also now evident in implantology, Titanium implants are subject bio corrosion, especially in the presence of lipopolysaccharides from bacterial walls and that titanium particles have been found in the peri-Implantary hard and soft tissues.


ZERAMEX®XT has a tapered design allowing optimal primary stability. The internal connection has been specifically engineered to maximize the strength of rigid zirconia and eliminate any lateral forces on zirconia.  

The precise fitting components offer variable placement close to bone level for enhanced restorative margin. The heart of the connection is the VICARBO® screw. Comprised of many individual threads of carbon fiber that run vertically, uncut down the length of the screw to durably absorb the tensile forces and give the VICARBO® screw its exceptionally high strength.

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About the Doctor

Dr. Henriette Lerner is the founder and Director of HL Dentclinic and Academy in Baden Baden, Germany, which is an academic clitical, teaching and research facility of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, in Frankfurt on Main, Germany.

Dr. Lerner is the Past President of the Digital Dentistry Society International (ODS).

In 1990, Dr. Lemer was granted the degree of Doctor Medie (DMD degree from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, in Temeschburg, Romania and then completed har post graduate education in Oral Surgery, in Bucharest Romania. Later, Dr. Lerner’s education In Implant Dentistry was completed in Germany and at Boston University.

Among her other certifications, she is a Board Member & Expert for the DGOI The German Society of Oral Implantology.and is an Icoi Diplomate Dr. Lerner also an Editorial Advisor for two scientific journals (Practical Implantology and DGO!

Oral Implantology. She is the author of a number of scientific papers and book chapters (Esthetics in Dentistry: implant Esthetics), which detail esthetics in Implantology, grafting procedures, biomaterials science and digital technologies Dr Lemer’s expertise and the folds of clinical research, advanced techniques In the Digital Workflow of complex implant cases, soft and hard tissue augmentation techniques, biomaterials research, dental aesthetics, and designing functional occlusion in complete oral rehabilitation.

Dr. Henriette Lerner can be reached at: +49 (0) 7221 398 730

HL-Dentclinic & Academy | Ludwig-Wilhelm-Str. 17
D-76530 Baden-Baden, Germany


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