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Jun 10 - 11 2022

Kingery Prosthodontic Study Club presented by Dr. Georgios Kotsakis DDS, MS


ZERAMEX has been invited for a second year to exhibit zirconia implants with the Kingery Prosthodontic Study Club. Dr. Kotsakis will be addressing Peri-implantitis as it has been receiving attention following recent studies that showed that it is highly prevalent in titanium implants, and difficult to manage.

We are excited to share how zirconia implants address this prevalent issue with titanium based implants.

in this event, Dr. Kotsakis will present:

“Evidence-based Peri-implantitis Management and the Harm Associated with Empirical Dental Treatments”

This course will provide the latest evidence-based information on peri-implant diseases with emphasis on a team/interdisciplinary approach to treatment. The program will present the updates on the definition and etiology of peri-implantitis from the American Academy of Periodontology’s 2018 consensus meeting.


Dr. Kotsakis will present research findings on risk factors for peri-implant disease and preventive measures to incorporate into the implant treatment plan prior to implant placement that include implant treatment planning, material selection for cementation, restorative design and maintenance.

Screencapture of Dr. Kotsakis' webinar about Periimplantitis; Diagnosis and Treatment hosted by Omid Moghaddas

In addition, the program will review innovative therapeutic protocols for disease prevention and treatment and recent advancements in implant cleaning instruments and chemotherapeutics. 

Zirconia Ceramic Dental Implants are superior with soft tissue. Blood flow around a zirconia implant is 13% better than titanium!

Linked below are some of Dr. Kotsakis' research work about peri-implantitis :

Event objectives:

• Define peri-implantitis and diagnostic criteria. 
• Explain to a patient the risk factors for development of peri-implant disease. 
• Formulate an assessment and maintenance strategy for all phases of implant treatment. 
• Evaluate implants and formulate approaches for prevention of peri-implant disease. 
• Identify dental implants in need of non-surgical treatment and those needing referral for surgical treatment. 
• Select appropriate non-surgical therapies. 
• Apply basic science findings to clinical decision making. 

About Dr. Georgios Kotsakis

Georgios Kotsakis, D.D.S., M.S.

Dr. Georgios Kotsakis is an Associate Professor, Department of Periodontics

His research program focuses on delineating the complex interactions between host immune response, oral bacteria and dental biomaterials using human and murine models of oral inflammatory disease phenotypes. Our lab conducts research across the entire spectrum of translational research from basic discovery to human clinical trials and public health implementation. We are currently focusing on the study of the etiology of peri-implant inflammation, which is an inflammatory disease that leads to destruction of jawbone and implant failures. The basis of these investigations is a human-centered model of clinical immunology, which in combination with knock-out animal models, focuses on the effects that implant biomaterial degradation has on immune activation, non-resolving inflammation and cell death.

NIH awards $2.4 million grant to UT Health San Antonio and ADA Science & Research Institute to study responsible antibiotic use

ZERAMEX was invited to this event for the second year in a row by Dr. Carl Pogoncheff !

Dr. Carl Pogoncheff

Dr. Carl Pogoncheff DDS MS FACP

Carl M Pogoncheff DDS MS FACP is the first Prosthodontist in Lansing to be certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics.​ In his prosthodontic focused practice, he has incorporated metal-free solutions for patients using Zeramex Zirconia Implants for many years. Recreating smiles with superior aesthetic and biocompatible zirconia material, Dr. Pogoncheff has been a leader in the growing trend of implant dentistry.


Full Arch Case Presentation using 8 Zeramex XT implants by Board Certified Prosthodontist Carl Pogoncheff DDS, MS, FACP | Advanced Dental Solutions in Lansing, MI

When: June 10-11, 2022

Where: Hotel Indigo - 263 W Grandview Pkwy Traverse City, MI 49684 phone: 231-932-0500

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