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Jun 09 - 10 2023

Kingery Prosthodontic Study Club with Dr. Sarah Lee DDS, MS | June 2023


ZERAMEX has been invited for a third year to exhibit zirconia implants with the Kingery Prosthodontic Study Club. Dr. Sarah Lee will be presenting advancements in reconstructive techniques have led to improved survivorship of patients with maxillary defects; and similarly, have expanded the utility of the zygomatic implant in supporting prosthetic rehabilitation.

in this event, Dr. Lee will present:

"Zygomatic implants in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of maxillary defects"

Course Description:

 The original zygomatic implant was developed specifically for assisting prosthetic rehabilitation opportunities in the dental oncology patient undergoing significant resection of the maxilla. Since its introduction, advancements in reconstructive techniques have led to improved survivorship of patients with maxillary defects; and similarly, have expanded the utility of the zygomatic implant in supporting prosthetic rehabilitation. This presentation will go into depth on understanding how to effectively plan, treat, and maintain zygomatic implants for the reconstruction and rehabilitation care of patients with maxillary defects.   

Course Objectives: 

1. Learn zygomatic treatment algorithms for patients with a maxillary defect 
2. Understand indications and contraindications for zygomatic implants in patients with a maxillary defect 
3. Review long-term outcomes and maintenance related to the reconstructed maxilla rehabilitated with zygomatic implants 

“Multidisciplinary Implant Prosthodontics: Understanding how to optimize prosthetic rehabilitation with collaborative specialty care”

Event objectives:

Implant-based prosthetic rehabilitation is a common form of restoration that replaces missing dentoalveolar structures to improve esthetics and function. Despite its broad usage, implant prosthodontics is complex as it requires a multifaceted care approach for its successful and predictable application in cases as focal as a single tooth restoration and as expansive as full arch edentulation with orthognathic skeletal realignment. On the other hand, implants and their accompanying prostheses can be used to facilitate the outcomes of non-prosthodontic, specialty treatment like orthodontic tooth movement.   This course explores the process of collaborating and implementing a multidisciplinary practice in implant prosthodontics to optimize the quality of treatment results and comprehensive patient care.

Event objectives

 1. Review systematic diagnostic criteria to develop a comprehensive overview for multidisciplinary implant prosthodontic treatment planning. 

2. Understand the roles of non-prosthetic specialties in the implant prosthodontics treatment and management. 

3. Identify indications and recommendations for implementing specialty coordination in various implant case scenarios 

4. Learn how to effectively sequence multiple phases of patient care between specialty services. 

5. Develop multidisciplinary care plans encompassing treatments for new implant cases, refractory implant complications, and long-term implant maintenance   

Dr. Sarah Lee DDS, MS

Dr. Sarah Lee is a board-certified maxillofacial prosthodontist at the Mayo Clinic in the Division of Prosthetic Dentistry and Esthetics in the Department of Dental Specialties. She also serves as program director of the Advanced Prosthodontics residency program at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Lee completed her formal dental training at the Adams School of Dentistry at the University of North Carolina. She also completed a general practice residency at the University of Michigan and practiced in public health dentistry. She then completed her advanced prosthodontics training and earned a Master’s Degree in Oral Biology from UNC. Her Maxillofacial Prosthetics and Dental Oncology fellowship was completed at Mayo Clinic.  Her specialty interest involves oral reconstruction with prosthetic rehabilitation and digital dentistry. Dr. Lee’s areas of clinical and research focus include: 

•         Prosthetic rehabilitation, in conjunction with oral reconstruction, for managing congenital and acquired defects of the face and oral cavity 

•         Multidisciplinary coordination of care with surgical specialties, radiation oncology, medical oncology, and allied health professions 

•         Advancing digital practices into oral healthcare platforms to improve clinical experiences and care outcomes 

•         Improving the delivery of care and quality of life of patients affected by oral dysfunction and disabilities 

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