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Nov 17 2022

Orthopedics meets Dentistry – Virtual Event

What drives medical decision making: EVIDENCE OR INTUITION?

Friday, November 17, 2022  | 07:00 PM CET 

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OMD the new installment! 🚀
We are happy to invite you to join us for our third digital panel discussion
What drives medical decision making: evidence or intuition?
“If risks are known, good decisions require logic and statistical thinking. If some risks are unknown, good decisions also require intuition and smart rules of thumb” (Gigerenzer, 2014).
The question of how to select the best treatment option for a patient in the age of evidence-based medicine can often mean medical professionals find themselves trapped between two conflicting systems. From one side, new evidence is being generated at an increasing rate, covering many situations, with studies and data to back medical decision-making.
From the other side, despite all this available evidence, clinical decision-making continues to be beset by a myriad of unexpected uncertainties, both positive and negative. In such situations, clinical intuition seems to play a necessary and important part in medical decision-making.
Join our live virtual discussion ‘Orthopedics Meets Dentistry’ and dive in together with our panelists to investigate the role of evidence, intuition, risk assessment and perceived safety in decision making in orthopedics and dental implantology.
Prof. Dr. Rihard Trebše
Service for Bone Infections at Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital, Slovenia
Dr. Miguel Stanley
White Clinic, Lisbon, Portugal
Prof. Dr. Dirk Stengel
BG Kliniken – Klinikverbund der gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung GmbH
Dr. Niklas Keller
Simply Rational, Berlin, Germany

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