Mar 18 - 19 2022

ZERAMEX Live! with Prof. Dr. Michael Gahlert and Dr. Stefan Rohling

Front tooth implants: The aesthetic rehabilitation with two-piece ceramic implants with the renowned oral surgeons Prof. Dr. Michael Gahlert and private lecturer Dr. Stefan Rohling

March 18-19, 2022 | Online CE Event

Earn 8 CE Credits!

Lectures and two live surgeries, networking and exchange with experts and interested colleagues

NOTE: The actual event will happen in Munich and will be streamed LIVE through ZERAMEX USA (in GERMAN language)

*subtitles will follow*


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Established concepts for aesthetic rehabilitation in the anterior jaw and patient approach

At this event with live operations performed by the two ceramic implant specialists Prof. Dr. Michael Gahlert and private lecturer Dr. dr Stefan Röhling, you will not only be shown the professional handling of ceramic implants in the highly aesthetic area using relevant clinical cases, but the speakers will also explain current scientific facts about the latest generation of ceramic implants. 
The aim is to show you an ideal communication strategy for ceramic implants in the theoretical part and to introduce you to patient-oriented information on this highly topical topic.


  • Two live operations
  • Lectures on experiences from everyday practice & concepts for aesthetic rehabilitation
  • Patient communication strategies
  • Data and facts about ceramic implants Zeramex®
  • Working with two-part ceramic implants Zeramex® 


Prof. Dr. Michael Gahlert
Prof. Dr. Gahlert has specialized in implants and difficult oral surgical procedures. Prof. Gahlert holds various patents in the field of implantology and regularly gives lectures for colleagues from all over the world. Prof. Gahlert is also visiting professor for oral surgery at the Sigmund Freud Private University in Vienna.

Dr med. dent. Stefan Rohling
Dr. med. dent. Stefan Röhling, together with Prof. Dr. Michael Gahlert has a group practice for oral surgery in Munich and specializes in difficult oral surgery procedures. Since 2006, Dr. Röhling carries out studies in the field of ceramic implants and publishes the results in international specialist media.


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