YES, Ceramic Implants can be used for Full Arch Reconstruction, A Case Presentation….

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Dr. Carl Pogoncheff's first full arch case using Zeramex Implants

Dr. Carl Pogoncheff is a talented board-certified prosthodontist that performs the most complex oral surgeries. He has tremendous experience with Zeramex Ceramic implants, and as a surgical specialist-he was able to restore his patients smile with Zeramex, a completely metal-free system.

The most important aspect of this case was the patient’s desire to have a completely metal free smile, and he did thorough research on the replacement of his missing teeth with zirconia implants. After researching all of the different metal-free implant systems he found Dr. Pogoncheff on the Zeramex Find-A-Dentist free referral page to find a qualified surgeon in his area to take on his case. 

The case included nine Zeramex implants on the maxillary arch and one implant for an edentulous area on the mandible.  Dr. Pogoncheff’s excellence with placing these implants resulted in a great functional and aesthetic outcome for his patient- achieving so with a completely metal free approach.

About the Doctor

Find more information about Dr. Carl Pogoncheff on the ZERAMEX Find-A-Dentist page. For more information, you can also visit his website: Advanced Dental Solutions
Dr Carl Pogoncheff 2023

Dr. Carl Pogoncheff
American Board Certified Prosthodontist

Dr. Carl Pogoncheff was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan and chose to return to his hometown to open his practice. 

Dr. Carl Pogoncheff is a three-time graduate of the University of Michigan, BA, DDS, and MS in Prosthodontics. He is a Board-Certified Prosthodontist. He is currently an adjunct clinical associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in the Graduate Prosthodontic department. His teaching focus is implant surgery.  He serves on the editorial review board for the Journal of Prosthodontics, on the Council of Michigan Dental Specialties as the Prosthodontist Representative, and as the current President of the Richard H. Kingery Study Club. He has served in organized dentistry on local, state and national levels including a past chair of the Dental School Alumni Board of Governors.

Dr. Pogoncheff has published and lectured on the topic of Ceramic Dental Implants. He is one of few experienced experts on this procedure.

Carl Pogoncheff DDS MS FACP was the first Prosthodontist to practice in Lansing to be certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics. 


ZERAMEX®XT has a tapered design allowing optimal primary stability. The internal connection has been specifically engineered to maximize the strength of rigid zirconia and eliminate any lateral forces on zirconia.  

The precise fitting components offer variable placement close to bone level for enhanced restorative margin. The heart of the connection is the VICARBO® screw. Comprised of many individual threads of carbon fiber that run vertically, uncut down the length of the screw to durably absorb the tensile forces and give the VICARBO® screw its exceptionally high strength.

Learn more about this Metal-free ceramic dental implant by CLICKING HERE.


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