“Naturally, white implants” Modern Brand Identity for ZERAMEX

Modern Brand Identity for ZERAMEX
Zeramex ceramic implants

Aesthetic, lively, high-quality: ZERAMEX new brand presence underlines its positioning as THE partner for ceramic implants. The new look clearly expresses the brand DNA. Whenever people come into contact with the brand, we want to make our claim “naturally, white implants” tangible.


The new presentation illustrates the innovation of metal-free implantology, the high quality, Swiss quality and of course the highly aesthetic solutions for the patient. ZERAMEX positions itself as the specialist and partner for ceramic implants. That’s why we work closely with our clients, in the spirit of being able to offer the absolute best solution to the patient. So our customers were an important part of ZERAMEX’ re-positioning. Positioning was based on three pillars: ZERAMEX vision for metal-free implantology, market analysis and feedback from our customers.

A new graphic element is the X-ray in pink, so we dive into the world of our customers, the dentists. Further, the focus is on the presentation of the natural, white dental implant. The feedback from our customers has clearly indicated that we need to retain the color pink as a recognition feature. This was then combined with a focus on quality and aesthetics.

Watch this interview between Michael Foley, Founder of Emerginnova – ZERAMEX USA and Adrian Hunn, CEO of ZERAMEX Switzerland. In this video, they are talking about the new branding for ZERAMEX and some very exciting news!

ZERAMEX FDA Approved.jpg

ZERAMEX® P6 was a game-changing solution for implant density. For the first time, dentists are able to work with a truly flexible system that offered retrievability, prosthetic choices and a workflow common for implant dentistry all with a metal-free implant. The cornerstone is the highly successful VICARBO® Carbon fiber screw.

Last year, we confirmed our place as the leading innovator of metal-free implantology with the release of ZERAMEX® XT. XT improves on the design of the P6 with a tapered outer body for increased stability, an internal connection for precise sealing of the implant and abutment and a reduced diameter VICARBO® carbon-fiber screw. ZERAMEX® XT has quickly become the leading solution for natural tooth replacement.

We believe the more modern look better matches the message that is the basis of our founding: ZERAMEX founder Jüerg Bolleter began the business in Zurich, Switzerland with the goal to solve the biocompatibilty and cosmetic deficiencies of titanium implants.

ZERAMEX Zirconia implants as a bioceramic offer natural healing and integration. The 100 percent metal-free ceramic implants come very close to the natural model of a tooth root in BOTH function and aesthetics. They are highly biocompatible, completely free of metallic corrosion and conduct neither electricity nor heat. The blood circulation in the gingiva around zirconium dioxide is comparable to that around a natural tooth. Metallic implants can leave grey spots or tattooing through thin tissue. To achieve the highest level of aesthetics it is important that the implants are naturally white in color!


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