Patient Testimony:
The Cosmetic Implant

The Zeramex®XT 3.5 diameter displays superior aesthetics because of it's white color and small size.

New Smile revealed to patient for the first time - The Cosmetic Implant

Smile Reveal Patient

The Patient's Story

Ms. Leigh Scarber is a Trail runner, Ultra Runner, Physical Therapist and the owner of Ascent Wellness, Ventura. Can you see her beautiful smile? Can you guess where the dental implant is? Behind her beautiful smile is a journey that is one for the books! One of her front teeth was removed because of an infection that was caused by a root canal. In a search for a replacement tooth, her doctor gave her a list with 200 biological dentists contact information. The previous dentists that she chose told her she could not have a zirconia implant and high aesthetic restoration. She then found out about Beverly Hills BioDental & Facial Aesthetics. She was desperate and told the doctors that they were her last hope for a zirconia implant and beautiful restoration. Dr. Grace Goar Vershinina, together with her team digitally designed an implant surgery on CT Scan in front of her, confirmed that she can have a metal free zirconia implant and immediately ordered from Zeramex USA - The Cosmetic Implant."

Watch the video below to witness an emotional New Smile Reveal

Check out the patient's instagram post below:

Smile Reveal 2
Before - Smile reveal


After smile reveal


About the Doctor

Grace Goar Vershinina, DMD graduated from Ivy League University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine  and UCLA AEGD postgraduate residency program.  Dr. Grace Vershinina is  ADA, CDA, AAFE, IAOC Ceramic Implantology member.  Dr. Vershinina has over 20 years of dental experience . Before attending UPenn Dental School, Dr. Grace Graduated from Moscow State University Medicine and Dentistry with  Honors, and completed a Prosthodontics-Periodontics Specialty program from the same school. She is a 2 time Dental School grad and 2 time postgraduate residency program grad from Russia and USA. She has also attended courses in Germany and Switzerland for various different dental treatment programs to improve her skills (ex. for veneers, dentures, etc).

Dr. Grace Vershinina is professional, friendly and is loved by patients of all ages. 

Beverly Hills BioDental | 416 N Bedford Dr, Suite 103, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, US | (424) 302-0080

The Cosmetic Implant

Zeramex®XT 3.5 – Now available for order!

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