The Cosmetic Implant

Zeramex®XT 3.5 - Now available

ZERAMEX® XT 3.5 diameter - "The Cosmetic Implant"

#1 - Small Diameter

From Dr. Paresh Patel

Why is the anterior region difficult to work with?

The term anterior region usually refers as a group to the incisors and canine teeth which are located infront of the set. The dimensions of anterior teeth can be defined within a limited range. The height of the central incisor varies from 10.4 to 11.2 mm while its width varies from 8.73 to 9.3 mm, and, usually, these references are used in prosthetic reconstructions, when no other parameters are available. Because of this, replacing a single anterior tooth can be difficult if you are not using the right kind of dental implant. The loss of multiple anterior teeth, especially if they are adjacent to each other, is a much more difficult esthetic challenge.

#2 - Naturally White

tci 3.5

Why do you need naturally white implants?

The anterior teeth are visible when you smile. This makes the esthetics much more demanding. This is why the ZERAMEX XT 3.5 implant is the solution to your missing front teeth because it is Naturally White compared to the other dental implants which are metal and will look gray on the tissue.

#3 - soft tissue

The gum response around Zirconia is superior to titanium

There is a thinner layer of tissue in the anterior of your mouth which makes the demand for esthetics even more complicated. Soft tissue attachment is crucial for implants, since the soft tissue acts as an effective barrier that suppresses the access of microorganisms and their products. The biocompatibility of the ceramics supports natural blood circulation in the gums and a reduced inflammation reaction as well as bone resorption. In addition, zirconium dioxide ceramic. has an extremely smooth surface, making it harder for bacteria to gain purchase on this material.

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It's finally here!

Watch the video below to see the Ceramic Implant Guy, Michael Foley, introduce The Cosmetic Implant - Zeramex®XT 3.5 Implant

Designed for anterior aesthetics!

The Zeramex®XT 3.5 diameter displays superior aesthetics because of its white color and small size. Even in the thinnest tissue type the 3.5 mm implants offer natural tooth color and will never show any metallic color.

According to a research article written by Dweepika Garg, anterior teeth are essential for esthetics in Orthodontics, Prosthodontics and other restorative patients. Knowing the mean values of width to length will help the clinician to adequately restore these teeth. Fahad et al. had concluded that changing the maxillary central incisor length, the maxillary lateral incisor width did influence the smiles esthetics. As the central incisor’s length is reduced, the smile arc appears flatter, and the flatter the smile arc, the least esthetic it becomes. Thus, the proportions of teeth play a very important role in esthetics.

The Cosmetic Implant was used in the following cases below because it is THE BEST CHOICE for the anterior region.

Dental Implant Case by Dr. Paresh Patel

Dental Implant Case by Dr. Apolinar Madrigal

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