The Pioneer and Legend of Modern Metal Free Implantology – Professor Sami Sandhaus

The Pioneer and Legend of Modern Metal Free Implantology

Professor Sami Sandhaus, a Pioneer and Legend of Implantology passed away on the first weekend of October at age 92.

Professor Sandhaus’ whole scientific career was based on teaching, research and the perfection of new techniques and efficient instruments. He dedicated his life to research and especially to innovation in the field of oral implantology. He was widely recognized as the founder of modern metal free implantology using zirconia bioceramics.


He was the Director of the Forum Sévelin and President of honour and founder of the International Society for Oral Rehabilitation. He was awarded in 1959 with the diploma of medicine and dentistry, by the University of Düsseldorf, followed a specialization in dentistry and maxilla-facial surgery at the Paris Ⅵ University, under the guidance of Professor Deschaume.

His works were based on the execution of implants which do not release oxides in the osseous tissues, as metallic implants do. The first ceramic implant of Prof. Sandhaus came to light in 1960: It was the CBS implant (Crystalline Bone Screw) made of aluminium oxide. A career based on teaching, research and on the achievement of high-quality techniques and instrumentation (more than 75 original inventions), this was the scientific evolution of Professor Sandhaus. He dedicated 13 years of his life to teaching at the Fortbildung Institute of Karlsruhe in Germany, and from 1985 was a professor at the Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris Ⅵ, the Dentistry and Maxilla-Facial Institute. Let’s not forget the many conferences given throughout the world, from Japan to the United States, passing through all the European countries, accompanied every time by practical and surgical demonstrations of bioceramic implants.

Below is an interview of Dr. Sammy Noumbissi, Founder and President IAOCI, with Prof. Dr. Sami Sandhaus at the 6th World Ceramic Implantology Congress last February 2017.

The legacy of Professor Sandhaus will always be alive, and he will always be remembered as a father of modern ceramic implantology and an outstanding pioneer in the dental industry.

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