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Q&A with ZERAMEX CEO Adrian Hunn hosted by ‘Ceramic Implant Guy’ Michael Foley

ZERAMEX CEO Adrian Hunn Going LIVE

Join us as we interview ZERAMEX CEO Adrian Hunn!

WE'LL GO LIVE on Wednesday, May 6th, 11AM EST

ZERAMEX CEO, Adrian Hunn goes live on Wednesday, May 6th, for a Q&A session hosted by ‘Ceramic Implant Guy’ Michael Foley

The livestream will be available on WebinarJam as well as on Facebook via ZERAMEX USA and Michael Foley.

He will talk about the following topics:

  • Adrian Hunn’s Biography
  • The History of the Company
  • The Development of the Company
  • The Relationship with some of the Original Developers of Ceramic Implants
  • The Current State of Ceramic Implants
  • Present Day Situation of the Company
  • Future Looking thoughts
  • Product Development
  • Upcoming Product Launches
Zeramex ceramic implants

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