The Cosmetic Implant Case Presentation by Dr. Thomas Bilski

The Cosmetic Implant Case Presentation by Dr. Thomas Bilski

ZERAMEX XT 2-piece Zirconia Implant on tooth #8

This case presentation features a patient who is missing tooth #8 on the anterior zone. There are several options for tooth restoration. The options that were given to the patient are as follows:

  • 3-unit FPD
  • Maryland Bridge
  • RPD or Flipper
  • Dental Implant with Crown

3 years ago, we did a Maryland Bridge to restore the missing tooth using Komet-USA, Fiber Post- CEREC. A Maryland bridge is a type of permanent dental restoration that can replace a missing tooth. The concept is similar to that of a typical dental bridge in that the dentist will attach the prosthetic tooth replacement to the teeth on either side of the gap.

Pros of Maryland Bridges

  • The procedure is non-invasive
  • The procedure can be done quickly with minimal preparation
  • The procedure offers instant results
  • Maryland dental bridges are cost-effective compared to other dental procedures

Cons of Maryland Bridges

  • Maryland bridges may need to be rebonded every five to eight years
  • The bonding on Maryland bridge wings may cause adjacent teeth to darken (teeth whitening may be an option to combat this)
  • Bridges can cause tooth decay if they’re not cleaned properly
  • The artificial tooth may not perfectly match your natural teeth

3 years later, the patient comes back and asks for a permanent Dental Implant to be placed instead of the Maryland Bridge.

On August 4, 2021, Dr. Thomas Bilski chooses to place a ZERAMEX XT 2-piece Zirconia Dental Implant which is designed for anterior aesthetics. It is “The Cosmetic Implant!”

The Zeramex®XT, The Cosmetic Implant diameter displays superior aesthetics because of its white color and small size. Even in the thinnest tissue type the implant offer natural tooth color and will never show any metallic color.

“Dentistry is a blend of medicine and artistry, coming together to enhance and develop self-esteem for those whose smiles leave them feeling extremely self-conscious. I am passionate about overall personal oral and systemic health. That means having healthy gums and teeth free of inflammation and decay. Combine that with a stable bite, now my patients have the foundation for sound healthy jaws that keep them headache- and TMJ-free.” — Dr. Bilski

About the Doctor

Dr. Thomas Bilski

Dr. Thomas Bilski is a cosmetic dentist, dental implantologist and owner of Thomas M. Bilski, DDS & Associates Inc. As owner of the practice, Dr. Bilski oversees clinical awareness through inspiring and motivating educational courses and lectures focusing on cutting edge technology and trends for treatment devoted to restoring and optimizing the oral health of the patient and replicating the natural beauty of the smile.

Dr. Bilski has 32 years of experience in the field of dentistry, including Smile Design for Porcelain Crowns and Veneers, Smile in a Day with dental Implantology, Provance Composite Veneers, Pinhole Surgical Techniques, Same Day Root Canals, Same Day CEREC crowns, Comprehensive care for Snoring & Sleep Apnea and TMJ-Migraine non-injection or non-medicine therapies. Over the past nine years Dr. Bilski has taught and co-directed at the prestigious Midwest Implant Institute (Mii: Columbus, Ohio).

Dr. Thomas Bilski offers a variety of oral health solutions. Whether your mouth is in need of gum recession treatment or you wish to replace missing teeth with dental implants, Dr. Thomas Bilski in Independence, OH can provide you with what you need. Schedule an appointment to visit our office today.



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