Seven guided ZERAMEX ceramic implant by Dr. Luis A Alicea

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ZERAMEX® XT Case Report

Case by Your Desired Smile:

“Happy Friday case! Seven guided ceramic implant was placed on the upper arch after bilateral posterior bone graft heal for 6 months. Crown lengthening was done on Tooth 11(23) with surgical piezo unit mectron All healing abutments and #PRF Protein Rich Fibrin membranes were placed, The gum tissue was close with nylon sutures with primary intention. Provisional crown was made on tooth #11 and occlusion checked. The case was conducted under IV Sedation by Dr. Luis A Alicea at Your Desired Smile, Tampa, Florida”

About the Doctor

Dr. Luis Alicea of Your Desired Smile

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Dr. Luis A. Alicea was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He pursued studies at the University of Puerto Rico, School of Dentistry. He then completed his Masters Degree, and Prosthodontic residency at that campus, where he focused his training in the placement, and restoration of Dental Implants. He has taught as an Associate Professor in the Research, and Restorative Departments at the University of Puerto Rico, and continues to hold privileges as a professor Ad Honorem in that institution. Dr. Alicea also completed additional training towards certification as an IV Sedation provider, at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Dr. Alicea is a member of the Peer Review Committee for “The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants”, and regularly reviews articles prior to publication for this Journal. He is a also member of the American Dental AssociationAmerican Academy of Cosmetic DentistryAmerican College of ProsthodonticsFlorida Prosthodontic AssociationAmerican Academy of Implant DentistryAcademy of OsseointegrationAmerican Dental Society of AnesthesiologyWest Coast District Dental AssociationHillsborough County Dental Association, and also participates in the Seattle Study Club.

Dr. Alicea has an undeniable passion, and dedication for the dental profession. He has been practicing in the Greater Tampa bay area since 2007. He likes to give back to the community and participates of Dentistry from the Heart events. He loves spending time with his wife, daughter and twin sons.

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