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Complete rehabilitation of an unsatisfactorily restored mandible

WEBSITE BANNER - case report by Dr. Michael Leistner

In Ceramic implants 2/21, Prof. Belir Atalay and Dr Alper Çıldır presented a case report where they used i.a. Zeramex XT ∅ 5.5 mm (WB), length: 10 mm in the anterior region (#11).

ZERAMEX® XT | Full ceramic posterior bridge

ZERAMEX® XT Full ceramic posterior bridge

The 72-year-old patient has been treated with seven titanium Straumann implants and a double-sided sinus lift in the upper jaw over 20 years ago. The two implants on 24 and 25 had to be removed due to severe peri-implantitis and bone resorption. The patient wanted to know, whether a further implant soluton is possible.

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Spotlight on ZERAMEX®XT for the month of April 2020