Zeramex Implants For Patients Who Don’t Want to Use Metal

Zeramex Implants – For Patients Who Don’t Want to Use Metal

Here at Nashville Restorative Dentistry, we offer zirconia implants as an effective alternative for your traditional dental implants. Traditional dental implants are made using metal, such as titanium and other metal alloys. While these types of implants are a great option, you might have a few reasons why you want to avoid a metal implant. Whether you’re allergic to traditional titanium used in implants, or you just want to avoid exposure to the metals used in traditional implants, we get it! Dr. Jones is your holistic dentist with all the answers – continue reading to find out more about our Zeramex ceramic implants.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that grows into the surrounding bone. Once the healing process is complete, the implant is then used to place a bridge or a crown. This process allows your teeth to be functional and aesthetically pleasing after treatment. Implants offer you the opportunity to chew food and smile without fear. 


Who Needs Dental Implants?

It’s important to visit your dentist to determine the appropriate treatment method. However, there are a few common dental issues that can be treated with the use of dental implants. Dental prosthetics are perfect solutions for patients that are missing one tooth, multiple teeth, or all of their teeth. So, whether you only need a single crown or removable dentures, dental implants are the root that will stabilize your smile. 


Why Zeramex Implants? 

There are a few reasons we love Zeramex zirconia dental implants. To start off, ceramic implants offer a level of reliability that traditional metal implants can’t. The material used allows the implant to be corrosion resistant. It also has a lower affinity with plaque, ensuring that harmful plaque doesn’t easily adhere to your implant. This significantly reduces the risk of inflammation around the implant. Ceramic implants are entirely bio-compatible, allowing natural blood flow to the gums. Alternatively, titanium implants reduce blood flow in the gums around the implant by almost 20%. Additionally, ceramic implants counteract natural bone regression in the jaw. Completely metal free, zirconia implants are aesthetically pleasing. Their natural white color blends in perfectly with your natural tooth roots, leaving no visible dark grey edges or dark core. Test results and clinical practices have shown a 96% success rate during the healing process after the implant is inserted. As a holistic, comprehensive, Cool Springs dentist, we have added ceramic implants as an option for our patients because we believe in it’s functionality and reliability.

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