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New Applications in Ceramic Dental Implant and Restorative Care (Webinar by Dr. Joseph Sarkissian)

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Dr. Joseph Sarkissian shares his expertise with the Biolase dental lasers and ZERAMEX Ceramic Implants and how you too can transform the clinical experience of your patients while building a more efficient and profitable practice as you get back to business. 

Placing ZERAMEX® P6 metal-free Zirconia Dental Implant


Social Media Case Report posted last February 27, 2019. Dr. Joseph Sarkissian used the Galileos CBCT to plan the oral surgery. He used the metal-free Swiss-made ZERAMEX® P6 Zirconia Dental Implant and gym displacement procedure.

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Spotlight on ZERAMEX®XT for the month of April 2020