Titanium Exposure and Human Health


This review is based on current titanium research demonstrating the many factors that can pose a negative impact on human health when exposed to the various forms of titanium, including its relationship and interactions with other metals.

We looked at environmental, medical, and dental devices to show how these exposures can impact human health.

Most of the literature available indicates an increased risk to allergies due to titanium exposure. These allergies are also associated with particular genetic individual factors, which validate the need for the use of precision medicine in these particular patients. We need to continue to expand our knowledge on the genetic factors associated with titanium and metal exposure in order to provide better management and care to this group of susceptible populations, which are at a higher risk. There are many available tests that can be administered prior to any medical or dental procedure that can determine allergic reactions and biocompatibility for individual patients.

Most of the medical and dental practitioners commonly overlook these allergy tests increasing a health risk to the patients.

These types of tests should always be utilized to allow for the most suitable materials to be used on an individual patient.

Based on this review, it would be prudent to reduce the risk to all patients when considering exposure to titanium, and to avoid its improper use as much as possible. Moreover, when a patient has titanium implants it is critically important to take the utmost care to protect the patient from any and all risks of potential harm.

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