Titanium Sensitivity Testing

A variety of studies have shown the relationship between peri-implantitis and functionally relevant polymorphisms in the genes of cytokines IL-1A, IL-1B, IL-RN and TNFA. Using genetic testing allows for the allocation of a certain degree of inflammation to the detected combination of alleles.
Patients with degree 3-4 are considered high responders and are thus risk patients for titanium associated inflammatory processes/ loss of implant. Tab 1.


Degree of inflammation 0   |  Risk 1.0

Degree of inflammation 1  |   Risk 1.5

Degree of inflammation 2  |   Risk 2.4

Degree of inflammation 3  |   Risk 3.8

Degree of inflammation 4  |   Risk 6.0

In Germany a Titanium Stimulation test is also available. A positive result to titanium stimulation increases the risk by a further 12 fold.

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